Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Teeth

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We already know that consuming large amounts of sugar can do no good to your teeth. The same goes for crunching on leftover ice, thumb sucking, nail biting, etc. Eating a well-balanced diet and regular flossing and brushing are a must to keep your mouth healthy. But are there any other ways to boost your oral health?

You may already know the regular dos and don’ts of oral health. You may even regularly go to your Invisalign dentist in Redwood City for a checkup. But did you know that there are other little-known secrets that you can steal for whiter teeth and healthier gums? Prepare to take down some notes as you may be surprised by what other unusual ways you can add in your routine to achieve better oral health.

Say yes to coconut oil

Coconut oil is very rich in healthy, saturated fat. It is mostly made with lauric acid, which is best known for its ability to kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria in your body. By oil pulling with coconut oil, you can reduce plaque, kill the harmful bacteria in your mouth, fight gum disease, and even prevent tooth decay. This only goes to show that coconut oil is beneficial for your pearly whites.

Chew cinnamon-flavored chewing guma

When it comes to chewing gum, we are often told the sugar-free gum is always better. The bad bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, thus causing more damage to your teeth. However, have you ever tried cinnamon-flavored chewing gum? Not only does it taste and smell heavenly; it also reduces bad bacteria that cause bad breath.

Chew on food that cleans your pearly whites

Do you enjoy eating unsweetened popcorn, apples, or carrots? Or maybe you love leafy greens? Then we’ve got good news for you. These firm or crisp kinds of food are good for your teeth as they help scrub your teeth as you munch on them. So help yourself with these types of food. You won’t only satisfy your cravings, but you also get to clean your teeth as you go.

Drink on brewed tea

brewed tea

Brewed tea is always a better alternative than cold and bottled tea. By consuming tea, you get to protect your health as it is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. It also has fluoride that promotes stronger teeth and flavonoids that prevent cavities and harmful bacteria from sticking to your teeth. If you want to avoid tea from staining your teeth, drink it with a straw, drink water, or wipe your teeth with a tissue after drinking a cup of tea.

Skip your teeth-bleaching products

We all want white and perfect teeth. But if you’re overdoing the bleaching and whitening, it can cause you to lose your enamel and develop tooth sensitivity. It is always best to go for natural teeth whitening products. These include eating strawberries, cauliflower, nuts, and yogurt. If you must use artificial teeth whiteners yourself, test the product first before using it.

While each has different beliefs on what’s best for their teeth, there is no harm in trying these ways of improving oral health. Not sure which one on the list you try out on your own? When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist for advice.

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