4 Landscaping Services Every Commercial Property Needs

Gardener mowing the lawn

One of the most important parts of managing commercial properties, such as hotels and office buildings, is maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. This is even more important in places like Lawton, Oklahoma where the local government wants to bolster the city’s growth through commercial establishments.

Businesses attract more customers if their frontage looks appealing. Creating and maintaining a beautiful front yard that will last all year long requires a lot of equipment and landscaping know-how, though.

This is why business establishments need commercial landscaping services in Lawton. Among the much-needed services are the following:

Lawn Care

By taking care of your commercial property’s lawn, you keep the grass at its ideal height, prevent the growth of weeds, and get rid of fungal diseases and pests. These problems, when left untended, spell trouble for your lawn. Next thing you know, you’ll have dry, uneven patches of grass, making your lawn unsightly. If your commercial property is a hotel, for example, an ugly lawn could keep people from staying or coming back. If you don’t take care of your lawn, how can you take care of your guests?

With proper lawn care, you’ll have a lush and verdant frontage that can attract more people to your business.

Irrigation System Tune-up

Changes in the season affect how your irrigation system works. It needs to be winterized when temperatures start dropping and carefully started up again once spring arrives. The controllers, spray heads, and water pressure of your commercial property’s irrigation system also need to be working at full capacity all year round.

These things need professional intervention, and commercial landscape services provide exactly that. With an irrigation system tune-up, you can make sure that your grass and plants are getting the right amount of water they need. What’s more, you also make your landscape more efficient, saving you money on utilities.

Landscape Enhancements

Rooftop landscape with flowers

Have you ever heard of phrase “flower power?” Back in the 60s, some people held peaceful protests against the Vietnam War by wearing floral clothing and distributing flowers to the public. So, why use flowers? It’s because flowers make people feel better.

If you want to take your property’s landscape to the next level add flower beds and ornamental plants. These improvements give your property added color and beauty. These translate into an increased curb appeal and enhanced visitor experience.

You can also use landscape improvements as an opportunity to create an environmentally friendly space where people can relax and linger. By adding floral and foliage displays, you can attract people to your property and evoke calm and happiness to your tenants or people just passing by.

Landscape Maintenance

Consistency is key to keeping your commercial property’s landscape healthy and beautiful all year. This can be achieved through consistent landscape maintenance.

Consistent landscape maintenance means regular trimming of shrubs and bushes, killing weeds and pests, and taking care of trees, to name a few. These measures ensure that your property’s landscape remains healthy and lively.

By investing in these commercial landscaping and maintenance services, you’re showing care for the state of your property. Once your guests or customers see that your property is well cared for, they’ll see that you can be trusted to take care of them and their needs, too.

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