Achieving That K-Beauty Glow in 4 Ways

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Korean skincare and beauty regimen surely is not exclusive for just Korean people, as more and more people from different countries are going gaga over this beauty trend. Nobody can blame them, as most Koreans tend to have flawless, perfect, and glowing skin.

So really, what is their secret? Is it in their genes? Is it because of the products that they use such as Innisfree, Laneige, and Klairs Philippines? Or is it the way that they take care of their skin? No matter what it is, we want to let you in on the secrets.

Enjoy a Face Steam Massage Every Now and Then

Who would say no to a great face steam massage? Not only will this increase the blood circulation on your face, but it will also help create a dewy and healthy complexion.

When massaging your face in the shower, make sure to go about it in a circular, tapping, and rotating motions to get every nook and cranny of your skin. Start on your forehead then work your way onto your cheekbones, cheeks, down to the jawbone. If you want, you can also use an oil cleanser to maximize the hydration on your face.

Use the “Blurring” Effect

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One of the most popular K-beauty trends is “blurring” the skin so it will look dewy, flawless, and healthy. This means that you should use certain products, such as a blurring primer or a foundation with decent coverage.

This should all depend on your skin type, though. If you have problematic skin, then you should opt for a foundation with medium to heavy coverage. If you do not have too much to cover, then go for a light and dewy foundation.

This is the reason why cushion foundations are so popular in Korea. Aside from giving that healthy and dewy complexion, it also helps with blurring and smoothing the skin out. When using one, make sure to apply with a beauty sponge or the puff that usually comes with it.

Give Your Lips Some TLC

Giving your lips some love is as important as taking good care of your skin. Make sure to keep your lips moisturized just like the rest of your face. Exfoliate your lips every once in a while by putting a good lip scrub on and gently rubbing it onto your lips.

You can also look for lip oil treatments that will give you a hint of color while moisturizing your lips properly. Apply a lip balm before going to bed to lock the moisture in.

Do Not Forget to Moisturize

Lastly, never forget to moisturize your face twice a day: right after waking up and before going to bed at night. Use the right type of moisturizer for your skin to make sure that you would not break out.

Korean beauty is all about self-care and seeing to it that your skin is well pampered at all times. Put some effort into it and you will definitely see the results in no time!

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