How to Plan a Frugal Wedding

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A wedding should not be seen as an opportunity to impress your guests with the most lavish things you can find. And yet, many people are still making the mistake of spending too much on their wedding. Yes, it is an event that will (hopefully) only happen once, but staying frugal will help you save money for the marriage itself, as well as avoid borrowing money so that you can afford it.

If you want to have a stylish and beautiful wedding without breaking the bank, here are some frugal tips for you and your significant other:

1. Get rings that are within your budget

Start by buying rings that are within your budget. They will stay on your fingers for a long, long time, but a lower price doesn’t always mean lower quality. For example, micro pave wedding band yellow gold can be cheaper than traditional rings, but they can still last a lifetime.

2. Limit your guest list

You might be tempted to invite everyone you know to your wedding so they can celebrate this joyous day with you, but do you know that means? More expenses for you. To avoid blowing up your guest list, make an initial list with your partner. Include only the people you know and want to be there, and disregard people that you just feel you have to invite. An intimate wedding is usually more memorable, anyway, and it’s an excellent way to stay within your budget.

3. Find a cheaper wedding venue

Wedding halls and hotels can be expensive, more so if you plan to get married on the weekend. So if you want to save money, find affordable venues near your city. There are many AirBnbs and non-traditional wedding venues that can be rented on the low.

4. Make a simple menu

Just like the other aspects of your wedding, don’t overdo it with your food and drink menu. Stick to a simple yet filling meal that all of your guests can enjoy. If possible, you can also find a family-owned business in the area that can do the catering for you at a much lower price than official caterers.

5. Go minimalist

Minimalist weddings are in trend nowadays, so take advantage of that when it comes to your decorations. You will not only save tons of money, but it will give your wedding a very chic and stylish vibe.

6. Bring your own alcohol

Wedding reception

The bar tab can also be one of the most expensive things on a wedding list. So if the venue allows you to bring your own alcohol, you should go with that option.

7. Save on attire

See if you can find dresses for your bridesmaids off the rack instead of getting it custom-made. Similarly, rent tuxedos for your groomsmen as a group for a discount or ask them to wear the ones they already have at home.

A wedding shouldn’t put your finances on the rocks. With these frugal wedding tips, you can save money and still have a fabulous wedding that everyone can enjoy.

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