Cozy in the Cold: Ways to Bring Warmth Into Your Home this Winter

Family cozy at home

When the weather’s nice and warm, you want your home to be light and breezy. This allows air to flow freely through your windows, offering a brief respite from the humidity.

But once the temperature drops and the chill sets in, you’d want to not only layer your clothes but also make the necessary adjustments in your home. This makes your space warm and inviting, a sanctuary from the harsh weather outside.

If you want to save on heating costs this winter, you can make the following changes in your home to keep it warm and cozy in the cold weather:

1. Warm your windows up

Drafty windows are one of the most common reasons your home gets cold during the winter. That is why you need to seal cracks so cold air doesn’t leak inside from outdoors. However your choice of window treatment also matters.

If you have lightweight materials for your drapes, such as linen and lace, consider swapping them for something thicker and heavier. Tightly woven textiles, such as velvet and tweed curtains can block the cold air from the windows and insulate the room. Apart from that, these materials add texture to the walls, adding a cozier feel to the room.

2. Keep your feet cozy

The first step to feeling cozy is to avoid chilly feet. If you haven’t been doing it yet, now’s the season to stash your slippers by the main entrance. This way, you’re not tracking ice and salt from the sidewalk into your home and your feet won’t touch the frigid floor as you step out of your shoes.

In addition, consider replacing your rugs or adding some around the house if you don’t have any in place. Handmade rugs with a modern design provide a much warmer surface for your feet to step while adding to your home’s style appeal compared to your regular flooring.

3. Create a more snuggly couch

Bonding in the cold

As the main hangout place of the family, the living room couch must be decked out in cozy blankets and pillows. Splurge on big, furry throw pillows or pillowcases to immediately raise the coziness level of your couch. Then, to avoid feeling the chill when you’re chilling, add a quilt or a flannel throw blanket draped on the back of the couch so you have something warm to pull over yourself.

4. Reverse the ceiling fan direction

Ceiling fans exist to help circulate air in a room, typically when the weather is humid. The blades then move counterclockwise, which creates a cooling wind chill effect.

Fortunately, you can reverse the direction of the fan blades to spin clockwise. Ceiling fans usually have a button that allows instant reversal of the blades’ rotation. Keep the fan at the lowest speed and it will pull cold air up and push warm air down. Your room will then feel warmer, which allows you to lower the temperature of your thermostat.

As the days get shorter and nights stretch longer and colder, you’d want somewhere warm and inviting to stay in. With a few adjustments to your interiors, you can turn your home into the perfect cozy retreat you need.

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