Safe Travels: Essential Preparations Before Traveling With Your Pet

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Many Americans consider their pets as part of their family. That’s why they like to bring their pets into their vacations when they can. However, this can be stressful for both the owner and the pet. Therefore, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions before doing such an activity.

There’s an increasing number of travelers planning to take their pets on trips. Many more are planning to do this soon when COVID-19 restrictions have calmed down. Going on a trip at least once a year with their pet is a massive achievement for these owners. If you’re one of these owners, you must take these necessary precautions for your pet.

Microchip Your Fur-baby

The very first step into making your fur-baby travel-ready is to microchip them. After that, identifying and finding your pet should be as easy as pulling out your phone.

A microchip is becoming an essential need for every fur-baby in the US. Many vets offer this service when their pet reaches five to six months. The main benefit of having a microchip on your pet is that it can easily be tracked. Another benefit is that you can also quickly pull up your pet’s medical history on your phone. The more advanced microchips can even track your pet’s vitals.

This is a necessity for every pet owner who has a pet who loves exploring the world. It’s also a necessity for every owner who wants to ensure their pet is safe when they travel.

Take Short Trips First

Pets often feel a lot of stress when they’re leaving a place that they are familiar with, such as your home. However, they should start getting used to it because you’ll need to bring them to the vet and other places like the dog park.

Taking short trips first will help your pet grow accustomed to your vehicle. Make sure that you have ample space for them because they might move around the first few times they enter your vehicle. Moreover, make sure you’re prepared for bathroom accidents because they might want to relieve themselves if they feel too stressed or anxious inside your vehicle.

Once they get used to making these short trips, they should be ready to go for a long one.

Train Them on a Leash

dog leash

Another thing you should train them to do is be on a leash. You should do this while they are still young.

Training your pet on a leash can make a difference during your travels. First and foremost, it makes them easier to handle if you want to take a stroll. Another benefit is that they’ll act more behave once the leash is on. Lastly, it’ll make bathroom breaks a lot faster in your trips.

A simple way to train your pet to get used to being on a leash is to feed them treats whenever you put them on and off. Also, have some treats as you walk them in your neighborhood. Make sure to feed them in a favorable spot, away from the road when doing this.

Get Them Vaccinated

If you’re traveling with a pup, it’s important that they get all the vaccines they need for protection. Do not travel with an unvaccinated pet. It’ll protect you, your pet, and other pets and people that you might encounter during your trip. Additionally, there might be some travel restrictions you might encounter because some states require rabies vaccinations for any pet that’s inside their state.

Keep in mind that parvovirus is an insidious killer, and you can never know the areas where the virus is spreading. So ensuring that they got all the vaccinations they need will keep the stress of infection off your mind.

Prepare a Travel Kit

Your pet has lots of needs, so make sure that you have a travel kit prepared just for them. Here are some necessities for your pet’s travel kit:

  • Solid and wet pet food

  • Water bottle for your pet

  • Vitamins

  • Calming supplements

  • Travel documents such as a certificate of veterinary inspection

Once you have these things ready in your pet’s travel kit, then you should be ready to go.


Although traveling with your pet can be a wonderful experience, it could also turn stressful and exhausting in a blink of an eye. If you want to avoid this, then it’s better to have a pet transportation service to do this for you. They know what’s best for your pet, and they’ll get them cross-country in a matter of time. You can then receive them once you’ve reached your destination.

Traveling with pets can be a great bonding time, and with the necessary preparations, the trip should go smoothly. However, always consider your options. If it’s Parvovirus season near the area where you’re going, then it’s better to hire professional services instead. This way, you can ensure that your pet is safe and sound once you’ve reached your destination.

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