Kitchen Appliances and Design Trends to Dominate


Earlier the kitchen was referred to as the ‘heart of the home.’ Now, after spending more than two years amidst lockdowns and work from homes, it has become our lifestyle. The place is all about the cooking ranges, appliances, faucets, cabinet designs, and storage. Yes, you got it right; it is one of the most multi-faceted rooms inside the house.

Therefore, most people are looking at giving it a revamp in the current year. Smart appliances are of the order of the day in homes. So, you should have them for the kitchen as well. No matter what size your house or apartment is, upgrading your space should be high on your agenda. Read about the top trends in appliances and designs for your kitchen in 2022.

Induction Ranges and Hobs

They are quite a rage in the kitchen today. It is a slow but steady movement towards non-fossil fuels. Very soon, you might find gas stations being banned in states like New York and California. Most inductions and hobs work on electromagnetic current. So, when you remove the utensil from the top, the heat is not present. And the best thing about them is they are easy to clean.

The movement is just like getting an EV. You may not throw away your old fuel-driven car yet but can alternate. So, when there is no electricity or the generator does not work you can use your old gas. However, if you are renovating, then this is something you ought to buy without a second thought.

Beverage Makers and Brewers

beverage maker

There are various appliances that your kitchen cannot do without. They include tea makers, coffee makers, juicers, grinders, and blenders. And you should not forget the good old induction, microwaves, and electric kettles. The Hario pour-over server set is one of the latest additions to this family. If you are a coffee lover, you will love this on the island.

Save time and money by not going to the neighborhood cafe every evening and spending them on more productive activities. It is the best and most cost-effective kitchen aid for coffee drinkers. Now, you can have that morning drink without too many hassles.

Stainless Steel Appliances

It is one of the classic finishes that never goes out of style. If you add some colors to your cabinets and walls, then the stainless-steel finish will look great. It complements all types of colors, whether muted or bright. Additionally, it also complements wooden finishes.

A more modern twist that has come along is the black stainless-steel finish. You can exert as much pressure on it, and it will still shine and glow. These are known to be scratch-free and more durable than normal ones. They are also known to resist finger smudges. Cleaning them is quicker and easier too. Get a soft cloth and some water, and clean them in a matter of minutes.


This is one trend you will likely see in most kitchens this year. It is a beautiful stone that has a fan-following of its own. You can use it on countertops, wall-mounted vanities, and in accents as well. Let your imagination run wild. Although you will be expected to take better care of the stone, it is prone to scratches; it is worth it. One can enjoy the dramatic swirls of colors on large surfaces like countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen.

Choose white marble, the most elegant of all stones that have been passed down from generations. It also comes in a broad range of shades like green and blues, apart from milky white with different colors of swirls. Apart from countertops and backsplashes, you can also use marble on the bar tops and the kitchen islands.

Vintage Theme

If you are not looking forward to a major renovation in your kitchen, you can move in a vintage wooden table inside. It will serve the purpose of a kitchen island. It also adds visual interest to the space. Moreover, it will not give a heavy look to your kitchen. And, better still, you can dine there as well, while cooking some delicacies.

To give a similar vintage look to the kitchen space, you can also add blinds and curtains. Brightly-colored table clothes make a great addition to the look and theme. If you get floral ones, that will be all the better. Shifting your vintage furniture to the kitchen and utilizing it is a great way to help the planet as well. It saves a lot of furniture pieces from going to the landfill.

You can find these to be the top appliances and design trends in the kitchen sector in 2022. So, enjoy your time in the most versatile space in your house today.

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