Memorial Service: What You May Opt for as a Keepsake for Your Loved Ones

Memorial Flowers

Your passing will no doubt present a huge emotional burden to your loved ones. Without proper planning, they will also be forced to fork a lot of money to cater for your burial or cremation. You might have no power to minimize the grief of your loved ones after your demise. You can, however, reduce the financial impact of the same by investing in a pre-planned funeral package.

The package may include a memorial or funeral service and cremation or burial, depending on the premium a Clearfield-based funeral home charges. One of the elements you should focus on when picking a package is the memorial service. This presents an opportunity for your loved ones to pay their respects before or after your burial or cremation.

One of the essentials of your memorial service is a keepsake, favor, or memento. These are popular nowadays for making your memorial more of a celebration of your life rather than a sad occasion. The following are some ideas for the favors you can include in your funeral package.

Memorial keepsake

Tea Light Candles

These can be lit during significant dates like your birthday or the anniversary of your passing to remind people of your life. One of the best ideas is to attach a message to the candle. Create messages you would want people to remember you by or something that conveys your love to them. Tea light candles often come with holders and can also be lit during your memorial service. Guests will then take them home after the ceremony.


If you love gardening or are eco-conscious, you can opt for seeds as the favors for your memorial. Your family can hand these out after the service for people to plant in places they choose. It’s best to choose seeds of plants that need minimal maintenance. These are sure to thrive no matter the level of care a recipient will give them. Potted hardy plants can also work in place of seeds.

Champagne Flutes

These are perfect for those who love the finer things. The champagne flutes can be engraved with a special message you would want people to remember you by and decorations that will make people want to keep them. The guests can use the flutes drinking champagne when celebrating your life at the memorial, after which they can take these home.

Recipe Cards

For those who love cooking, there is no better way for people to remember you than through your recipes. You can print your best recipes and hand them out in cards. A recipe book can be preserved for your closest family members since this might be a bit challenging to put together.

Favors were preserved for weddings and other celebrations in the past. But nowadays, they can also serve as keepsakes for a memorial service. Funeral gifts for your family members are a gesture of sympathy; memorial mementos give your family a chance to reciprocate. These are a nice gesture of thanks for the support of friends and guests they’ve shown to your family during a difficult time. And these can be a lovely way to keep you in the hearts and minds of all who were part of your memorial service.

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