Be Careful! How to Spot a Counterfeit Skin Care Product

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A lot of people invest in beauty products, especially when everything Korean – from K-dramas to K-pop– became mainstream. It seems that anything Korean has become a part of modern pop culture at this time, including beauty trends. No wonder Korean skincare products are a hit nowadays. Being a Korean beauty product supplier can be profitable due to its popularity in the world of skincare.

However, makeup can be expensive, especially if it is from a globally famous brand. Naturally, a lot of people look for other suppliers and stores that offer the same products at lower prices. Unfortunately, deciding to patronize affordable products can come at a high cost.

The beauty industry’s global problem

With so many beauty products nowadays, it can be hard to choose one that will suit your skin type and even your budget. However, an epidemic has been plaguing the world of beauty and fashion for so many years now – counterfeit products.

Buying counterfeit products can be only two things: either you don’t realize they’re fake or you deliberately buy one to save money. Sure, you can save a lot of money and perhaps have the bragging rights to be able to purchase a “branded” makeup or any fashion and beauty product. However, it can lead to dire consequences.

In the worst cases, it can lead to skin problems and even compromise your health later on. Most counterfeit makeup and skincare products contain ingredients that are not meant for skin contact. This includes super glue, arsenic, and even human pathogens that can cause adverse reactions such as chemical burns and rashes.

How to spot counterfeit beauty products

All of us can accidentally buy fake beauty products. That is why you should double-check the products and avoid things that can damage your skin and health later on.

1. Check the grammar.

You will know if the product is fake if the label is in a foreign language without an English translation, or it contains cringeworthy English.

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2. If it’s cheap, it’s too good to be true.

If you happen to find a cheap but effective beauty product in a reputable beauty store, then lucky you. However, it is not every day that you encounter such good deals on beauty products. Chances are, those products might not be legit. Worst, they can even damage your skin.

3. Check reviews first.

If you are buying online, make sure to check customer reviews first. If negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, then don’t risk it – move on to a more reputable store instead.

4. The products are not sold in their respective brand stores.

When buying beauty products, make sure to buy only from the brand itself or reputable retail stores. When purchased in bazaars or online, the products sold can be fake.

Due to the strong influence of social media and the so-called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), more and more individuals want to join the bandwagon and be updated with the latest trends. However, it is more important to be vigilant when it comes to choosing products that are made to be applied to the skin. Such products should benefit you in the long run, not the other way around.

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