Dental Care Guide for People with Diabetes

The research published in the Journal of Medical Sciences in 2018 states that 90% or more of all diabetic patients have oral health issues, including periodontal disease, tooth loss, dental caries, and other conditions. There is evidence that a bidirectional relationship has been found between diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease.

That said, an experienced dentist in Orchard Road and other parts of Singapore should be an integral part of a multidisciplinary team handling the care and management of patients who suffer diabetes mellitus.

What makes diabetes a significant co-morbidity in oral and dental health?

Diabetes is widely known as having too much glucose or sugar in the blood, which may predispose the individual to infection anywhere in the body, including the oral cavity. Of course, this would include your teeth, gums, and jaw, as well as the soft tissues of the mouth.

If your blood sugar is not controlled, the high glucose content in your saliva would make the bacteria in the mouth proliferate beyond what they are normally allowed to. At times, the combination of proliferating bacteria and food particles lodged in the mouth can even lead to plaque formation that may cause dental caries and bad breath.

Dental Hygiene and Blood Sugar Control

Since diabetes can cause oral and dental problems, it makes sense to conclude that dental hygiene should be part of the care and management of diabetic people. Dental caries can pose a significant problem, such as abscess formation around the jaw or neck if uncontrolled. It may also cause diabetic people to develop halitosis or bad breath, which they would not have if they only practised good dental hygiene and watch over their blood sugar levels.

Prevent Tooth Loss and Infection

Dental checkup

By knowing all the effects of diabetes mellitus to oral and dental health, a diabetic patient can take preventive measures to avoid tooth loss and the infection that follows. Since the body’s capacity to fight is impaired due to high blood sugar levels, it is important that a patient has his oral cavity checked regularly for any caries or sign of infection.

Therefore, it is not just medical doctors who should be part of the care and management of diabetic patients. An experienced dentist is just as important to make sure the patient can lead a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring that there are no dental caries, bad breath, and gingivitis is just as important as maintaining a low blood sugar level and keeping it that way. This will help patients avoid complications that go with diabetes.

If you have diabetes, apart from your regular check-up with your doctor, it is important that you find a reputable dentist who can be part of the multidisciplinary team that will manage you and the condition that you have. Remember that your quality life is dependent on various aspects, including your physical, mental and emotional health. Having a healthy oral cavity means one less worry for you and you can focus more on the other important aspects of your health and your life.

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