5 Simple Ways You Could Do to Help Save the Planet

people planting trees

Saving the planet seems too difficult to achieve and requires much effort that almost makes it an impossible feat. While it is difficult, there are a few simple ways you can do to take part in helping the planet:

Minimize Carbon Emissions

With the recent innovations in technology, humans now tend to emit more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to research, every liter of fuel burned and used by your car equals to an estimate of two kilograms of CO2 emission released into the atmosphere.

While using public or private transportations is almost unavoidable, it still can be minimized. The use of bicycles is encouraged, especially for short-distance trips. This won’t only help reduce CO2 emissions but also help you build a healthy and active lifestyle.

Plant Trees

Whether it’s done in Texas or Utah County, tree planting has long been one of the key aspects of conserving the environment. Trees are the earth’s primary source of oxygen. And they absorb carbon dioxide, lessening the emission to the atmosphere.

Trees are not only beneficial for the earth, but they also help improve people’s comfort. Urban trees provide shade and help cool down the streets on a sunny day. Properties with great landscape and trees tend to sell more, depending on the tree types and whether they provide great shade to the house or its outdoor space.

Conserve Energy

The use of energy-efficient light bulbs is greatly encouraged because they last eight times longer and consume less energy than standard light fixtures. This small action can help save the environment and reduce your monthly energy bills as well. You can also conserve energy by making sure your lights, TV, and AC units are turned off when not in use. If you’re planning to upgrade your home appliances, consider purchasing energy-efficient models. They may be more expensive, but they are worth the price.

Save Water

faucet water

Water goes down the drain more often than we use it. Simple acts of turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and using glass instead are already impactful. Also, do not turn on the shower for a long time unless you’re ready to start washing your hair. When washing the dishes, make sure you limit your water usage by either maximizing the use of a basin or simply turning the faucet off after rinsing every plate. These simple actions are often taken for granted, but if practiced enough, they could have a great positive impact on water conservation — even without us noticing.

Switch to Low-Carbon Diet

According to studies, a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions is produced by extensive food production. For this reason, people are encouraged to eat a low-carbon diet.  Buy from farmers that help conserve natural resources, or you could also choose to grow your own food. Eating less red meat or processed food and switching to organic products are also beneficial to the environment.

While these steps may seem difficult at first, people must start thinking of conserving the environment in every action they take. After all, this planet is irreplaceable — it is humans’ only home.

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