Essentials of a Successful Travel

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Are you a first-time traveler or a well-versed one? You may be at one end of this spectrum or in the middle. Regardless of your traveling experience, one thing remains true: a new destination to conquer is always an exciting thing. But along with this excitement is extensive planning. Having a good plan is most likely to produce a wonderful travel experience. What things must you consider alongside packing your essentials?

Proper Accommodation

Your accommodation is not only a mere place where you stay. For example, in Singapore, consider booking in a meticulously restored heritage hotel. This will add to your travel experience as the place itself is rich in stories and details. Also, its amenities cater well to the needs of any traveler.

You must choose your accommodation well for two reasons. One, a big chunk of your budget goes to it. If you are trying to save, look for an affordable yet decent one. Two, your accommodation will help set the mood for your day. If you have not slept well because of comfort issues or ventilation, you will wake up tired and grumpy. The distance of your accommodation to key places will also be a factor. The bottom line is: do not wait for the last minute to secure one. Put this one detail among the top priorities.

Ample Budget

Your budget will be the compass of your travel. At the onset, even your destination is determined by this factor. How much you have will guide you on what activities to indulge in. It will also dictate the number of days that you can stay. Look for ways to save without compromising fun and quality.

When planning a budget, list down specifics as much as you can. Research is important so that you will have an idea of the costs that you will incur. Have a wide margin for an emergency fund. It is distressful to run out of cash in a foreign place. Also, be aware of the exchange rates of currencies, if needed.

Balanced Itinerary

You may get excited to have your fill of activities. But remember that one of the reasons you travel is to have a breather away from your normal life. Thus, packing your day unreasonably will burn you out. To have a balanced itinerary, research on key places that you like to visit.

Group spots that are near each other. Have an estimate of how much time you will spend on each place. Do not forget to give an allowance for travel time. Your goal is to enjoy, so the rule of quality versus quantity applies. Do not forget to take some wonderful pictures. But upload later. Be in the moment.

Convenient Mode of Transportation

You have to decide how you will move to different places. Getting a cab may not be the most practical way. Some book a rental car in advance. Other travelers get tour packages that include transportation. You can also try their public transportation such as trains or buses.

Your Destination’s Culture


To avoid committing a faux pas, research on your destinations dos and don’ts. Some take slurping food as a compliment. Others regard it as rude. Also, some hand gestures may mean a different thing from what you know versus what they practice. You would not want to be the “rude tourist.” Do your assignment, and strive to be respectful at all times.

The key to a successful travel experience is extensive research. Although spontaneity sometimes works, being prepared is still the best way to do it.

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