Understanding the Hybridized Style of Interior Design in 2020

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History has taught us that there is not a single belief or design on this planet that can’t be changed, taken, and hybridized into something else. Throughout most of history, most designs, especially those from interior design and architecture, can be made by one culture to be molded into another unique design philosophy. For instance, the Moorish architecture in the Iberian Peninsula is known for having heavy influences in both Christian and Muslim architecture. The unique blend of Christian-European simplicity mixed with North African Muslim design has made this type of architecture unique, making it one of the marvels in the field of architecture.

As time goes by, this belief that things can be molded into another unique philosophy of design has held throughout most of the decades. Usually, each decade starts with a clean slate, and 2020 will come with a clean slate as it turns towards the decade.

We can see this in almost every facet of human society. Each decade, there is always an iconic trend that defines it. During the 1970s, people would wear flared pants and denim jackets while having wild, eccentric hairstyles. Ten years later, people would soon be wearing colorful popped up jackets and dresses with polka dots. The late 90s saw the rise of a more rugged sense of fashion, and the early 2000s had a cleaner look.

Since it is the turn of a new decade, we’re also in the process of transitioning towards a new type of “norm.” Even though we have not thought much about it or that we have not found our identity in fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, we are slowly but surely finding it out for this decade. Whether it is mixing and matching, harmonizing, or creating new ways of designing furniture, there’s always a new way of doing things every year. After all, it’s still in our nature to experiment and create innovations.

The Grandmillenial Style

With that said, there is one trend that is skyrocketing in popularity, and we usually see it a lot in social media platforms, trendy clothing boutiques, and your usual workspace cafes: the Grandmillennial style. In this era where almost everyone from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds can converse in social media, almost everyone will have their say on what they prefer in interior design.

The Grandmillenial style is a hybrid of what used a simple-yet-elegant style classical interior design from decades past being incorporated into modern designs. There is a lot of floral patterns on the furniture coupled with eco-friendly wooden designs from different cultural backgrounds.

Some would say that the Grandmillenial style is attributed to the likes of D. Porthault’s whimsical design in homely couture while still being able to hold a good sense of modern design.

Rattan and Wicker

living room with sofa, armchair, lamp, posters

Another type of design that’s been becoming more popular is the minimalistic but captivating design of rattan and wicker. If you do not know what rattan is, it is a palm that thrives in humid tropical forests around the world. It can be found in the dense jungles of Africa to the tropical paradises of South East Asia. Usually, the raw materials that are taken from rattan can be easily manufactured into durable and flexible products, mostly furniture.

Primarily, the rattan and wicker type of interior design focuses more on a low-cost and high-appeal design that rattan furniture is usually known for. Not only is this type of fabric cost-effective, but it’s also quite flexible, light, and not so hard on the eyes. This type of furniture and design would look great in living rooms, dining rooms, and even in cozy bedrooms.

Additionally, this type of design is said to be versatile enough that it can be used for furniture in commercial spaces as well. There are trendy boutiques, workspaces, and cafes that can learn a thing or two with these themes.

The Grandmillenial and Rattan and Wicker style are some styles of interior design that are slowly picking up traction. Since it is the start of the decade, there are bound to be even more trends in design that are going to pop up. Of course, these types of interior designs are not just limited to living spaces and can be incorporated even in commercial spaces. Whether you are into the classical-yet-stylish floral designs of the Grandmillenial style or you want to lay back and relax with the Rattan and Wicker style, there is no doubt that these designs are not going out of style any time soon.

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