Completing Your Outfit: Finding the Right Piece of Jewelry

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Sometimes, when you are looking at an outfit in the mirror, you think that it doesn’t have the effect that you want. But you shouldn’t throw it out yet. A great way to see if it can be salvaged or improved upon is to pair it up with the jewelry. Nowadays, you can easily find pieces online without even leaving the house. Finding the right piece can be difficult, so here are some tips. Be aware that jewelry photo editing is a common practice, so some pieces look a bit better than they are. Take that into account when doing your shopping for pieces online or by catalog.

Think about Size

Big is not always what you want when it comes to jewelry. The size of the piece depends on the outfit. A small piece like a brooch or a pin can become overshadowed by an outfit, which means it will get ignored. Large pieces can look out of place in some dresses. A good rule of thumb is that small pieces are for colorful outfits. They become a part of the scenery and another detail on the ensemble. If your dress is elegant and straightforward, then a large piece of jewelry can heighten the effect.

Necklaces Need to Pair with Necklines

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A grand necklace draws attention to your neck area. Depending on the neckline of your outfit, different pieces can work. For closed collars, neck hugging jewelry can be a good option. Turtle neck blouses might seem similar, but the lack of collar allows you to wear chain pendants and beads. For more open and scooped necklines, larger pieces are a must since you want a piece that will focus the eyes. Strapless dresses are different. Since there is no framing straps or actual neckline, you’ll want a piece that hugs your neck so that it looks stylish rather than garish.

Focus on Only One Piece

If you have several great pieces of jewelry, you shouldn’t be wearing them all at once. Each ensemble should have only one focus piece that works well with it. One piece of jewelry should be enough for some outfits. Look at it and decide whether a necklace or earrings would make it pop. If you want to wear multiple accessories, try to get matching sets so that they work well together.

Physical Features Are Important, Too

Besides the pairing with your outfit, you should be aware of whether a piece of jewelry works well with your various physical traits. Women with lighter skin should choose pieces that are made of silver or platinum, while darker skin works great with bronze and gold. Even your eye colors need to match, especially with earrings. Dark eyes are great with warm stones while dazzling jewels harmonize with lighter hues.

Accessorizing can be a great skill. While most outfits are great on their own, combining with different jewelry pieces can have different effects. Some pieces will make you look more professional, while others are there to make you feel and look good. Clashing outfits and jewelry will only make you look bad. Develop this skill, and your outfits will have that extra “oomph” when it comes to presentation.

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