Things You Should Never Do to Your Rings

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Getting engaged is one of the most critical milestones in a person’s life. Slipping that engagement ring on your finger is just the beginning of your journey to true love. We all know what’s next: getting married to the person you look forward to seeing first thing in the morning.

A ring is the ultimate symbol of love, loyalty, and commitment between two persons in love. There are a lot of ring designs and materials you can choose from. From the usual gold and diamond rings to men’s rubber wedding bands, people can shop for the ring of their choice and even have it customized according to their needs.

Never do these things to your ring

A lot of people wear rings all the time. It’s one of the essential jewelry in one’s life, hence the decision not to take it off. Still, it is vital to take care of your ring – no matter what kind of material it is made of – so that it will last for a long time. If you want to make your ring last a for a lifetime, you should not do the following things:

1. Do not sleep with it.

Just when you think that your ring will be safe while you are sleeping, you are wrong. In fact, sleeping while wearing your ring can cause wear and tear later on.

2. Do not wear it while working out.

You should not wear your ring if you are using gym equipment such as the barbell. It can scratch your ring and damage it in the long run.

3. Do not wear your ring while swimming.

For one, you risk losing your ring while doing water activities. Also, saltwater and chlorine can affect the quality of your ring or lessen its sparkle.

4. Do not wear it when doing household chores.

It is better to remove your ring when preparing or cooking food. Food ingredients can get stuck on your ring and be hard to remove later on. Chemicals from dishwashing liquids and other commercial cleaners can also affect the quality of your ring.

What you can do to protect your ring

couple wearing ringsHere are some things you can do to protect your ring’s shine:

  • Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or any other household chores that involve getting your hands wet.
  • Avoid removing your ring in public when washing your hands, etc. You might risk leaving it behind accidentally or fall into the sink drain in worst cases.
  • Clean your ring regularly by wiping it. Avoid using cleaning chemicals as it can potentially damage the ring surface.
  • Consider buying ring insurance. It might be necessary so that you can protect your ring in case it gets damaged, stolen, or lost. Jewelry experts also recommend getting your ring appraised once every five years.

These are some things you need to do if you want to make your ring last for a long time. A ring is more than just expensive jewelry that you get to wear every day. Instead, it is a symbol of love, commitment, and loyalty to a person. That is why you should make it a point to take care of your ring.

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