This Photography Trend Will Set the Tone for Your 2019 Photos

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Forget black and white photography and brooding, negative space-rich and stare-at-the-distance type of photography: maximalism is “in” this 2019. If you can’t tell already, maximalism has been slowly seeping into our social media feeds over the past few months, with flamboyant colors popping up in editorials, as well as larger-than-life concepts and rule-breaking photography styles. Basically, it’s all about thinking outside the box this year and experimenting with unconventional techniques that you won’t find in the usual event or portrait images.

To help you understand the maximalism trend better and incorporate it into your techniques as a photographer, listed below are some common features of maximalist photography that you need to know. Read on to get yourself up to date with the latest techniques from experts:

Small in nature

Wide-angle or vertical photographs featuring a panoramic background that dwarf the subject will be going strong this year. This style of photography, which began in travel photographs and blogs, emphasizes that the background is as important, if not more important than the subject in the foreground. Photographs of this style often utilize traditional photography rules. The technique is not just applied in nature photography but also architectural, food, and product photography as well.

Patterns repeat

colorful patternsIf you haven’t noticed by now, pictures as of late, whether bloggers did magazine editorials or DIY, “artsy-fartsy” shots, are becoming bolder and more creative., which reported on the fearless artistic movement, noted that doodles superimposed on photographs and clashing colors are the main highlights of this resurging trend. One way to incorporate this style into your photographs is by using colorful 80s or 90s style of clothing, props, and backdrops and not being afraid to mix and match colorful patterns altogether.

All of the lights

The light painting will be big in photography this year as photographers embrace the form. After all, photography is essentially painting with light. The rise of this type of photography will be even more so facilitated by the ubiquity of DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras, as both share better low-light performance features.

Art imitating life

This is not your typical, soft-focused, Annie Leibovitz-inspired photograph; think of it as a real painting that uses photography as a medium. Lacking the realism of your usual candid photograph yet careful not to overdo it, this new era of fine art painting will focus on photographs that are post-processed to resemble paintings from “the masters.” The set-up in itself is straight out of an old painting, using vintage palettes, materials, and props that evoke mansion sitting rooms and grand castle ballrooms.

If you have an upcoming wedding or pre-nuptial photography session coming up, ask your photographer to get their hands dirty with the maximalist trend. Ditch those boring bokeh-filled backgrounds and cheesy close-ups and get creative with your shoot. A good photographer will accept your suggestions as a welcome challenge. To save money and cut your effort in half, opt for a seasoned provider of wedding photographer and videographer packages to work with you.

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