Guide to the Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision

There are at least 7,000 people who get hurt from car accidents each day. The wounds that people get from these accidents vary from minor scrapes to other serious injuries.

Generally, injuries sustained from road mishaps can affect each part of the body differently. That’s why the treatment for these injuries often vary, depending on the body part and the severity of the damage.

Primary types of auto accident injuries:

Head injuries

Both passengers and drivers are susceptible to head injuries caused by trauma. One common injury is a concussion due to severe pressure to the head. Once that happens, the tissue and the fluid inside the person’s skull could be damaged because of the collision. If ever you suffer from any brain or head injury, you need to see a health care professional immediately. You also need to cut back on physical activities. If you’re suffering from multiple severe concussions, then you need to go to the hospital.

Facial injuries

Facial injuries are another typical damage that a person can get from an accident. The severity of the injury depends on the amount of force that his facial muscles received during the crash. Cuts may need to get stitched while scrapes need to be treated with a bandage.

Meanwhile, a person may need to undergo surgery if he or she is suffering from serious injuries, such as fractured facial bones. The recovery time will depend on the severity of the damages. Minor scrapes and bruises will take up to a few weeks to recover. Meanwhile, surgical operations will require several weeks to months to completely heal.

Neck injuries

man holding his neck after accidentAnother injury that usually happens during a car accident is neck injuries. These types of damages often occur during a side or rear impact crashes, which causes a person’s neck to snap easily. The symptoms for whiplash usually last for days to several weeks. You can treat mild neck strains with an over-the-counter pain reliever. Meanwhile, other complicated vertebrae injury may require surgery. Undergoing innovative treatment for whiplash in Layton, Utah or any other location is also applicable.

Spinal cord injuries

Of all the damages, back and spinal cord injuries are among the most traumatic problems that a person can encounter. Aside from injuries to the spine, soft tissues can also get pulled or strained during the crash. Ligaments can also get strained because of it. To treat minor back pains, it’s highly recommended to put ice or heat to the affected area. If it doesn’t work, you can visit your primary care physician to check your injury. If you suffer from severe injuries, there’s a considerable chance that you’ll undergo surgery.

These are just some of the most common types of injuries that a person can get from a car accident. If ever you feel any of the symptoms, you need to go to the doctor immediately. Ask for the right treatment, so you can recover from your injuries in a short period. Follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure a fast and successful recovery.

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