Five Reasons Assisted Living Is Better than Living Alone

caregiver giving coffee to old woman

Studies reveal that about 10,000 people in the country turn 65 years old every day. Surprisingly, the number is expected to increase in the coming years. Caring for an aging family member or friend can be rewarding and exhausting at the same time. Over time, it becomes challenging to look after them because you are not well-equipped for the task. As such, the need for assisted living community emerges.

Independent senior living is a preferred choice for those who require help with their daily activities and other forms of care. Seniors can enjoy their independence, thanks to advanced technology and caring staff. Independent senior living facilities in Phoenix offer various amenities, including gourmet dining, golf outings, and beauty services. These are some of the reasons you should consider these communities for your loved one.

A safer living environment

Usually, families have to modify their homes to make them suitable for seniors. They also have to hire in-home care to take care of seniors and make the home safe for them. The expenses of home modification to make the house safe for seniors can add up, from wheel-chair accessible ramps to shower grab-bars. However, assisted living communities are designed for enhanced senior mobility and accessibility, which helps seniors avoid accidents. The communities also offer medical help within the facility or to a nearby health facility.

Medication management

caregiver assisting an old manAs people age, they usually need more daily medications to maintain their well-being and health. With an assisted living community, you don’t have to worry about incorrect or forgotten medicine dosages. Also, the caregivers in these communities watch out for drug reactions early enough. The caregivers are tasked with filling prescriptions and help the seniors to take medications as required, whether inhaling or orally.

Daily fitness and physical therapy

Assisted living communities provide various physical and fitness programs to keep your aging loved one active. The fitness programs are customized to fit the specific needs and medical conditions of seniors. These physical therapy and fitness programs help seniors remain active in organized group settings, which is vital in maintaining their bodies engaged in healthy ways.


Assisted living communities offer seniors the chance to socialize. They create a sense of community where seniors meet new people, which enhance their overall health. Seniors often go through feelings of loneliness, especially if they have lost a spouse or a close friend. But with these communities, they get to meet their neighbors and plan meetings, which push away the feelings of isolation.

Assistance with daily activities

One of the primary reasons to consider assisted living communities is receiving assistance with daily activities. Seniors face challenges going to the bathroom, dressing, and bathing, among other things. Since caregivers in these communities are available 24/7, residents get help with their daily activities so that they don’t strain.

Hopefully, these reasons help you appreciate that assisted living communities are a suitable option for you. You or your senior family member or friend could be living a happier and healthier life in an independent living community if these reasons apply to you. You need to enhance your quality of life through these communities.

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