“Smize” Like a Pro on Your Wedding Day


Can you imagine having the best time of your life on your wedding day and finally getting your hands on that photo album you’ve waited for months to have, only to realize that you don’t look your best in any of the shot? Don’t ever allow that to happen.

This isn’t just for the bride alone. Some guests do not enjoy getting their photos taken at weddings. But whether you’re part of the bridal entourage or not, you’ll definitely find yourself smiling for the camera a lot more than you’d like to.

Other than hiring the best wedding photographer in Salt Lake City, there are simple tricks you can follow to look your absolute best in those wedding photos. Here are some of them:

Go Easy on That Carrot-Hued Makeup Look

Some makeup techniques that look great in person may actually look unflattering in photographs. For example, even if you feel that you look more stunning when bronzed, there are certain cameras that can’t capture yellows and oranges in a flattering manner. Even if you’re simply going for that sun-kissed, I-just-got-back-from-the-beach look, you might end up looking closer to a healthy shade of a carrot in photographs. This becomes even more unflattering when everyone else who’s with you in the photographs isn’t into bronzing or spray tanning.

Here’s another thing you should be careful about: wearing a foundation with a very high SPF level. It might end up leaving a gray cast on your face. Finally, make sure your highlight looks like an actual glow instead of sweat.

Grab a Prop

Your hands are going to be full both literally and figuratively on your wedding day. So, your best tool to looking natural and great on your photos is that thing you’ll be holding the entire time – your bouquet of flowers. When you have a prop, whether it’s a balloon, a cute clutch, or some sparklers, you won’t have to worry about where you should put or what you should do with your hands. When you’re relaxed, you’ll be able to pose naturally in your photos.

Have a Laugh Off

a couple kissing during their wedding

There’s nothing flattering about fake smiles, but fake laughs are a different thing entirely. If you’re taking a group photo and you feel like everyone needs to loosen up a bit, it’s time to make full use of that “laughter is contagious” strategy. Let out a forced “HA! HA! HA!” in front of everyone and do it over and over again until everyone starts to actually laugh for real at how ridiculous the whole thing is. However, if it can make everyone laugh genuinely, that photo will surely turn out to be a keeper.

Finally, here’s a tried and tested trick that even supermodels vouch to – smiling with your eyes or as Tyra Banks calls it, “smize.” Now, the go-to look for many wedding photographs is less smiley, more serious. But just because you’re not grinning does not mean you should look peeved either. Do your best to connect to and engage with the camera for that flattering look.

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