Market Your Brand Effectively: How You Can Incorporate Visuals to Your Strategy

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Dubai is a booming city. It has fantastic structures, tons of malls and business establishments, and millions of tourists each year. If you’re a small business, it can be tough to compete and yet not impossible.

Coming up with the best marketing strategy is your best bet towards getting more customers. And one of the elements you should never miss out on is visuals.

Why Are Visuals Important?

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Imagine scanning through an online shop for clothes with hundreds of products. Instead of looking at them one by one, you’ll likely browse through the products and only stop when something catches your eye.

This is the importance of visuals. Something visually appealing can make customers stop and consider buying your product.

Even if you’re offering services rather than physical goods, visuals still play a huge role. You can add this element to your content and make people want to stay more and read. Plus, you can also create beautiful but intriguing ads that will make your customers want to click and get to know you more.

When creating a marketing strategy, make sure you always consider how it’s going to look visually.

Here are several types of visuals you can incorporate into your marketing strategy.


If you’re creating content for your marketing, make sure you add pictures. According to experts, there’s a 94 percent chance of getting views if your content has images compared to those that are purely text.

Additionally, you can also use great images for your social media marketing. Create an Instagram account and use Dubai’s beauty as an advantage to promote your business.

When using images, there are commercial photos that you can use freely. These work well with ads, content images, and even videos. But, when it comes to social media, it’s best to take your photos.


Not all of your potential customers like to read long content. So, why not create videos?

Videos can explain complicated things more easily and quite faster than text. They can also take and hold someone’s attention longer, which gives you more chances of promoting your product or services.

Try new trends when it comes to videos. You can find motion graphic video professionals that can help you create these videos.

Put them on your landing pages, or you can post them on your social media as well.



When someone is reading data, it can be pretty boring and sometimes confusing even. Here’s where you can use infographics.

These images are made primarily to provide your audience with useful information. You can present data, such as statistics, in a more visually-appealing manneInfographicsr, which is easier for your audience to understand and absorb.

You can add this to your website and blog content. Just ensure that your infographic is easy to follow. Keep it simple and use a maximum of three colors only.

A considerable percent of the human population are visual learners. That’s why visuals have become such an essential element for businesses. Plus, it’s something that even small brands can easily use.

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