Landscaping Ideas When You Have a Pool

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You finally have a property under your name, so you’re thinking about taking it to the next level and building a pool in your backyard. The project can be truly exciting. After all, many homeowners dream about having a swimming pool where they can freely take a dip and swim whenever they want in their outdoors.

Once you’ve built that in-ground pool, you’ll probably feel like you’ve reached the peak of luxury. But you can only truly maximize your pool ownership if you know how to complement it with the surrounding areas.

No matter how huge your pool may be, it can still be the most unappealing area in your property if it’s surrounded by graded dirt and plain concrete. To truly achieve that breathtaking backyard view you’ve always yearned for, here are some creative poolside landscaping ideas you should consider:

Surround your pool with more trees and vegetation

If you know how to make greenery work for your landscaping, you’ll be able to use it to increase the privacy in your backyard and have a beautiful backdrop for your pool. However, it can be tricky to get the right amount of greenery. So, when making design plans, consult a professional regarding proper space planning before planting any kind of seeds in your area. You can also ask for smart ideas on how to do proper landscape maintenance for your pool area in Sandy, Utah or any other city.

Add more appropriate outdoor lighting

You can make your pool a much more appealing addition in your backyard if it’s visible 24/7, even after the sun has set. While it’s important to keep it looking attractive when the sun is up, putting some lighting fixtures makes it an even more interesting area. Not only does it highlight the water, but it also makes your surrounding foliage stand out.

To get it right, don’t use harsh overhead lighting. Put some beams beneath the water and make it look subtle among your potted plants. Doing so will give it the right amount of visibility while still keeping the dark mood.

Consider including some water features

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Your pool doesn’t have to be the only water feature in your backyard. Consider getting a small artificial waterfall or a fountain placed right in the shallow end of your in-ground pool. If you have any available dead space in your yard surrounding your pool, these are perfect locations for a fountain or some decorative elements.

Create a comfortable seating area

Other than the pool, one important thing that makes owning one exciting is the fact that you can lounge around it with the rest of the family. Build your own personal lounge area by the pool by getting some durable, high-quality, and well-designed outdoor lounge chairs and benches. Surround your pool with these outdoor furniture pieces and enjoy relaxing under the sun or taking shelter under a huge umbrella.

Finally, if you’re someone who enjoys taking a dip at night, consider building a small fire pit to make your pool setting look even cozier and more comfortable. After all, water and fire, although opposing, can work really well together when done right.

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