Crucial Types of Shots for Corporate Event Videos

Video camera operator working with his professional equipment isolated on white background

Corporate events are now an essential part of running a successful venture. While you might spend considerable time and funds putting together a seemingly perfect event, you might not be able to accommodate all the people you would want to. Thanks to technology, even people who for any reason cannot attend your events in person can now follow the proceedings on online platforms. Even if they are private, there are various platforms through which a select few can gain a front row seat to the event.

However, you should invest in professional corporate video production to guarantee a perfect view of your event and attract as many people as possible. This option allows you to use high-end equipment and benefit from professional shots that other video cameras might not capture. The following are some of the shots the videographer might focus on to give people a clear view of your event.

Close-up Shots

Corporate events are designed to stir up certain emotions in attendees. Close-up shots of people’s faces will allow people to capture the sentiment surrounding your event and will become a significant draw for your fans. They are invaluable evidence that your event has stirred the emotions it promised its attendees. These shots are also used for the presenters and performers on your stage. They will show the presenter’s emotions and let viewers follow what they are saying since they connect the message with the portrayed mood.

Crowd-spanning Shots

These are meant to capture the overall feel of your event’s venue. This entices those who are not there to attend since it generates the fear of missing out. Crowd-spanning shots are also meant to capture the overall décor in your event and arouse your viewers’ desire to be part of it. These shots can be taken using overhead equipment and drones or from the stage showing the numbers of people at the event and the way they are enjoying themselves.

Clips from Attendees

Over 90% of people nowadays trust peer recommendation rather than adverts. This explains why testimonials are among the most powerful types of online content. You can have clips that capture attendees detailing their experience at your event and highlighting some of the things people are missing out on.

Artsy Still Life Shots

Video camera recording at an angle

Your video is incomplete without some still lifes of the products and décor in your event. These can be used to show attendees the products that you will be offering for free or at discounted prices at the event. Everyone loves free stuff, and these shots are guaranteed to have people trooping to your events.

Most people planning corporate events assume that videos showcasing their event to those who cannot attend will lower their ROI. They could not be more wrong. If your event is running over a few days, the videos will entice those who could not on the first day to troop there on subsequent days. If it is a one-day event, you can rest assured that your next event will be sold out with the right shots for your video.

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