Here’s How to Plan Your Daughter’s 16th Birthday

If your daughter’s 16th birthday is coming up, you should plan a big party for her! You want her to look back on her sweet sixteen fondly, so you need to throw the best party possible. Here are some great tips to help you plan an amazing sweet 16 party!

Guest List

One of the first things you should do is to finalize the guest list. This is essential– because you might not have enough space in the event venue or enough food or goodie bags for everybody. A guest list also helps you determine a budget for the party. Get your daughter in creating the guest list; you want to make sure that everyone she likes is there.

Location Matters

Choosing a venue is another vital part of the party planning process. If you want a smaller party, your home might be fine, but it can be stressful and tiring to clean it all up afterward. Find a venue that can comfortably hold all the guests. You might be lucky and find a place that suits the theme of the party as well!


When you throw a party, it is hard to put out food and expect everyone to have fun. Teenagers can get bored quickly, so you need to make sure there are lots of fun things to do at the party. You can find event rentals in Utah for great things to add to the party. From shaved ice machines to inflatable movie screens and photo booths, you can have your pick of party extras. Teenagers can feel bored if they have to wait around at the party for something to happen, so giving them the option to do other things will make sure that the party is a blast!



The theme plays a huge part in every sweet sixteen, it is a chance for you to take an ordinary party up a notch! You can ask your daughter what kind of theme she would like—remember, most teens love to dress up for parties, so this is the perfect chance for her to experiment with clothes! Choose from anything, from a classic rock star theme to a Hollywood theme or a masquerade. You could also go for a more unusual theme like horror or Mardi Gras.


If there is anything that a person of any age looks forward to at any party, it is the food, so you better make sure that the food is fantastic! Choose food items that aren’t too fancy or strange because most teenagers prefer familiar dishes. While you do not have to serve kiddie food, you can give somewhat grown-up options like pasta and risotto, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on a few pizzas! Make sure you offer a wide selection of beverages as well.

Make sure your daughter’s sweet sixteen is a day to remember. Follow the tips above to throw her a party that she’ll look back to with feelings of fondness and joy.

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