Recommended Health Checkups for Better Living

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Juggling between work, family, and errands serve up a stressful day for lots of people in London. With such a hectic schedule, it’s possible to neglect your health. According to researchers, people who follow a detrimental routine run the risk of contracting heart-related problems, among other things. It is, thus, advisable that you get regular health checkups.

Here are the vital health checkups that you shouldn’t miss.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The easiest checkup that you can undergo is the measurement of blood pressure. It is imperative to undertake this check since there are no visible symptoms for low or high blood pressure sometimes. For adults above the age of 40, a test once a year should be fine. Folks below the said age should at least conduct a test every three years. Early discovery and treatment of blood pressure irregularities can help you avoid a host of diseases that includes stroke, heart disease, stroke, and even chronic kidney diseases.

Pregnancy Checks

The joy of carrying a baby often overwhelms most expectant moms. During this jovial period, you can’t afford to miss a pregnancy checkup. Ensure that these tests are done at each trimester of your pregnancy. The highlight of these pregnancy tests is the ultrasound scan. A stopover at a private ultrasound scan in London or other areas affords you the opportunity of seeing your unborn toddler moving around in your womb.

Ultrasound scans also highlight the baby’s underlying health conditions. These scans are entirely risk-free to the unborn baby and should be taken between 8 weeks and 21 weeks of the pregnancy. During pregnancy, avoid other scans that might expose radiation to the developing baby.

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Cancer Screening

Termed as a lifestyle disease, cancer presents a significant health risk to all Londoners. Screening tests help detect cancer way before the symptoms appear. For cancer of the women’s chest area, it is best if you visit a local London specialist who owns a mammogram machine yearly. Mammogram scans are capable of detecting early cancer signs even before a lump develops. In case cancer is detected in your chest area, then an MRI scan is necessary. Such a scan can check the extent of the disease and other tumours that might be present.

If you are a heavy smoker or aged above 55 years, an annual lung cancer screening is crucial. The same also applies to recent smoking quitters. You might have stopped smoking, but its effects prevail for several years. A facility with a CT scan is where you should be headed for your tests. Such tests aren’t painful and involve the use of an X-ray machine to generate an intricate picture of your lungs. If tumors are detected early, they can easily be treated.

Visit the Right Health Facility

Such checkups will go a long way in improving your health and preventing certain diseases. However, given the busy lives of most Londoners, choosing a health facility may be problematic. It is advisable to choose a facility that is well equipped and is operational at a convenient time.

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