Farm Equipment: Lighting Up the Farming Industry

Farming vehicle

Most farm work these days is now much easier thanks to advances in mechanization and technology. Modern farm machinery is designed with superior specialization so that they can perform a wide range of tasks. Unfortunately, these systems continue to affect users through injuries and deaths. Even with the regulations developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and local authorities, working with farm machinery remains dangerous. Using drill parts from Taege and other safe implements may minimize mishaps, but hazards still exist. The lighting system of farm machinery is not exempted from this reality. Here are a few ideas that can make your farming machinery lighting more effective and safer.

Transferrable Lighting Devices

Older equipment may not have flashers and other special lights, but there is a solution. These devices could be used from one machine to the other if needed. With an upgrade of the battery and a set of new lights, you can create the necessary visibility for old machinery. You would not need to pay for expensive wiring job or have to install the lights permanently.

Application of Turn Signals

When darkness strikes and you happen to be on the farm or the road, it is essential to be seen. Many accidents occur when a tractor or a combine is making a turn. Given the slow movement of these machines, visibility is crucial. If your machine does not have turn signals, make sure you install them. Use the turn signals whenever necessary, for everyone’s safety.

The relevance of Flashing Lights

Farm machinery is not entirely safe without flashing lights. Regardless of requirements in your region, if your combine or tractor has flashing lights, you want to switch them on always. When driving the machine on the road, it is crucial to draw the attention of other road users as promptly as possible. This gives everyone enough time to slow down and pass safely.

Extra Markings worth the Effort

Standard regulations require large machinery to have special markings on extreme ends, especially the right and left projects. For added safety, it is worthwhile to add markings on large machines such as combines. It is nothing complicated- just get some retro-reflective tape from the nearby store and mark your equipment, even the older ones. Such a simple exercise could save lives.

Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) Emblem Visibility

Farm at night

SMV emblem is a triangular emblem that should be fixed at the rear of every slow-moving machinery. The emblem should always point up. Now, it is possible for this emblem to be covered in dirt or hanging machine components/loads. Older machinery may also have faded emblems. Check the area before embarking, even if for a short distance.

Following in the footsteps of automotive manufacturers, farm equipment designers have improved lighting systems dramatically. With the entry of LED light technology and other improvements, farmers no longer have to worry about working late in the evening or driving on the village roads at night. If you have not lit up your machinery for such confidence, consider taking advantage of the possibilities. With your large drill parts lit up, farming can be an even more enjoyable undertaking.

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