5 Tips to Start an Office Garden

Small plant pots beside the window

An office garden is a great idea to have in any workplace. Not only will workmates bond together in taking care of the plants, but it can also serve as a relaxing area to be in during breaks. The good thing is it is not too difficult to start one in your own office.

Below are five things that can assist you in building an office garden:

1. Purchase old garden planters

If you want some elements of your garden to be indoors, it may be best for you to have garden planters. You can use old garden planters for this as it has a versatile look about it. The great thing about these planters is that they are easy to transfer if you need to.

Plus, it adds a flair to the look of your office garden. Acquire a set of antique copper garden planters so that you will be able to start off building your office garden. Antique fireplace mantels are also a good addition to your garden.

2. Plan the garden carefully

If you want your office garden to achieve the look that you want to go for, you and your workmates should plan the garden well. You should take advantage of the fact that you have a lot of people in your company that can help with it.

Make the planning of the garden an experience so that it will be a memorable collaborative effort. You will find that proper planning of the garden will result in a more efficient process as you have a lot of heads working on it.

3. Set the location of your office garden

Rooftop landscaped gardenJust like in any type of garden, the location of the office garden is crucial. If your office has a plot of land that you can redecorate into an actual landscaped space, then you have nothing to worry about. An outdoor patio or a roof deck would also be nice.

However, things are different if you do it indoors. If your garden is indoors, it is best if you have as much window space and lighting as possible. Think about this hard when planning the garden.

4. Use indoor plants if needed

If your garden is indoor, it may seem difficult to do an office garden. The great thing is there are a lot of low-maintenance indoor plants that you can use. For example, practically every kind of cactus would be a good indoor plan.

Others include violets, ponytail palm, and Chamaedorea palm. If you want the indoor garden maintenance to be more challenging, you can go for some indoor orchids, seasonal flowers or angel ivy.

5. Take care of your plants

Lastly, do not forget that taking care of a garden is a commitment. You need to water them regularly and give them the needed sun exposure.

You should also make sure that there are no pests or moss that would limit their growth. Also, look at the quality of the soil so that you will have no problem with the plants.

An office garden may seem like such a daunting challenge to take on. But it can be achieved as shown by the tips above.

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