Post-New-Year Pointers for a More Environmentally Friendly Home

House with solar panels on roof

The entry of a brand-new year means new beginnings, and the changes can be whatever you want depending on what aspect of your life you wish to change. For those who are looking to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, now’s your chance to do so. The changes do not even have to be big or sudden. You can start with domestic adjustments and home additions, which not only contribute to the effort of saving the environment but also has the added perk of reducing your energy expenses.

Solar Panels

These may sound like an expensive upgrade to your home, but they’re quite worth their price. Besides, there are more economical but effective models and units to choose from which makes them a great investment for any home. Not only will they reduce the electricity bill, but they can also be used to heat water and reduce the chances of the elements affecting your interior. They can also add to your property’s value if you plan to resell your home in the future. Just make sure that you hire reputable solar panel providers and installers in Las Vegas if you want to maximize your payment packages.

Green Fixtures and Appliances

Ditch the old and outdated lighting, taps, and other appliances and fixtures that are still part of your household. It’s the time to search for items that are optimized for energy effectiveness and remove the energy-guzzlers and water-wasters inside your property. Replace lights with LED ones and install water-efficient faucets and shower heads. They may cost a bit more than the regular units, especially if there are a lot that need to be replaced, but the long-term savings you get makes up for it.

Small House Tweaks

Even the simplest of changes can make a big difference, which is great for those who cannot afford any major renovations at this point. Clean up your appliances on a regular basis. Check your boiler, heater, and HVAC system for ways to optimize efficiency and lower energy consumption. Install thermostats in key areas to regulate temperatures more easily. Caulk door and window frames to prevent the heat during winter or cold during summer from leaking out.

Clutter Reduction

Woman cleaning desk

Hoarding items will do you no good, so gather up your unusable and unnecessary belongings and dispose of them. Removing items inside your home helps maximize the heating and cooling prowess of your HVAC system since there is more room for air to circulate. Also, additional litter can collect dust and adds to the mess inside your residence, which reduces your home’s comfort and security. For hardly used possessions that you still want to keep, place them inside labeled boxes or cabinets.

Kicking off the year right with these upgrades to both your home and lifestyle is an investment in itself. You do not only improve your home and property, but you can also sell the replaced items and unused belongings to add to your budget. Going green can also be gratifying and beneficial for both you and your family. Having this kind of mindset is the perfect way to celebrate this brand-new year.

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