What to Avoid to Make Your Wedding Day a Huge Success

Wedding ceremony

Your wedding is supposed to be a magical day for couples, but a lack of thorough planning can lead to entirely avoidable mishaps that can ruin that special day. You can prevent these from happening. Here are the most common wedding planning mistakes couples make.

1. Going Beyond Your Budget

It is essential to come up with a realistic budget before doing anything else. Failing to consider how much you can afford for your wedding may place you at risk of getting a dress or a venue that you may realize too late will cost more than you can spend. Setting a fixed amount for a venue or wedding gown will prevent you from overspending.

Always make a budget allowance. If you have set aside $1,500 for the bridal gown, it does not necessarily mean you can buy a gown that costs that amount. Remember that there may be other expenses involved in your bridal look. You may still pay for the shipping if you’re not buying the dress off the rack. You also need to think about the hair accessories, shoes, veil and jewelry, which complete your look.

2. Choosing the Wrong Venue

Location matters when it comes to weddings; whether you’re planning for a wedding by the beach or a country barn wedding in Minnesota, you need to choose a place that suits your theme. Estimate the number of people you invited to come on your big day and select a place that can accommodate this number. Make sure to check the venue in person, so you have a more realistic idea of the area and atmosphere on the day you plan to do it.

3. Not Scheduling Everything Properly

You should create a schedule for everything you need to accomplish before the big day. The caterers, photographers, the venue and the entourage should all be ready a few weeks before the wedding so you can start your ceremony on time. Your hair and makeup may seem trivial, but getting them done could take out a chunk of your time on your wedding day. Make sure you have a working schedule. When you go for hair and makeup trials, check how long it will take the hairstylist and makeup artist to get things done.

4. Asking Friends and Relatives to Take Photos and Videos

Wedding photographer

Couples can save money by just asking a friend to take photos and videos on their wedding day, but this is one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid. One wedding planning survey revealed that a third of recently married folks admitted they wished they have spent more of their budget on a professional videographer. You want to have the best memories of your big day, and you can make this happen by hiring a professional who knows how to capture those moments perfectly.

5. Not Having a Backup Plan

Accidents are inevitable, so it’s better to be prepared than be sorry. Make sure to prepare for a change of weather especially if you are planning an outdoor affair. Prepare large umbrellas for guests or have a backup closed area within the venue you can go in case the weather starts to change.

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