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Finding a great dentist in W1 when people are new to London can take a great deal of hassle out of your life. To the newcomer, London can be the most confusing city. It’s so old that it’s not built on a grid system. All the places have strange sounding and ancient names. The tube system makes no sense at all to start with and the traffic is terrible.

So, when people need to find a good dentist in W1, it can be hard to know where to start. If people know that Harley Street is a street long known as a centre of private medical practice, that’s a good start. There are several dentists on this street too, including Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Different types of payment systems

In the UK, there are 2 types of dentistry, private and National Health Service. NHS dentistry is not available to everyone who lives here. Eligibility depends on immigration status. Also, not all treatments are available on the NHS. Everyone can have private dentistry, and every treatment is available to private patients.

Different kinds of dentists

Not all practices offer every treatment. It depends on the size of the practice, that is, how many dentists work there and what kinds of treatments they are trained in.

General dentists carry out the basics of dentistry. They see patients for check-ups, put in fillings, crowns and do extractions. If more focused treatment is required, they refer the patients onto dentists who have received additional training in a particular area.

Such areas include cosmetic dentistry, gum disease, dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments, maxillofacial surgery and more.

All under one roof?

Larger practices tend to be able to offer more focused treatments as well as general treatments, whereas smaller practices will refer their patients to specialist dentists, often ones whom they have built up good relationships with over many years.

People who are new to London and are looking for a dentist in W1 might need to consider this aspect if they think they are going to need more than just a regular check-up and a few fillings.

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