Sheep Products You Can Earn From

Sheep Products

Australia is a country of thriving livelihood and environmental resources. For other places of the world, sheep isn’t much of a livelihood gain. These animals are known for their wool produce but turn out, and sheep can provide so much more. Are you interested to know more about its livelihood products? Read on below to find out.

Sheep Meat

Aside from wool, sheep meat is the by far the most significant product you can get from a sheep. Although poultry, beef, and pork are a sustainable source of protein, you cannot disregard sheep’s meat as well. Both mutton and lamb meat contain nutrients and vitamins that are not present in other meat available in the market.


Of course, sheep are known for the most exquisite set of wool you can obtain. There are a lot of shearing sheds in Australia because it is their primary source of livelihood. You can see wool being used for various knitwear such as jackets, sweaters, and even jumpers. Aside from the mentioned examples, wool is utilized for carpets, mattress fillings, furniture and fixtures, and tennis ball covers.



How do people obtain Lanolin? Lanolin is recovered during the scouring from raw wool. It is made up of a complex mixture of alcohol, fatty acids, and esters. These components are usually found in the production of printer inks, auto lubricants, motor oils, and adhesive tapes. Moreover, Lanolin is an essential ingredient for almost all beauty and cosmetic products such as lotions, mascara, lipsticks, shampoos, hair conditioners, and more.

Sheep Skin

After slaughtering the sheep for its produce, sheepskin is obtained from its carcasses. The process in which skin sheep are treated is referred to as tanning. What is made out of a sheepskin? Chamois cloth. Once sheepskin is tanned, it turns into soft leather. It is said that sheep leather is amongst the most exceptional quality of leather available in the market. However, this product comes in an expensive endeavor.

Persian Lambskin

Some individuals keep Karakul Sheep for commercial uses. The production of Karakul Lambskin is obtained through the skin of a newborn lamb. These lambs are only one to three days old before their skin is gathered. The Persian lambskin is known for its black yet shiny fur, tightly curled and free of dirt. These are used for various garments such as full-length coats and skirts. For some, it is used to accessorize, line, or put edging in fashion garments.


Unknowingly to some individuals, it is sheep’s milk that paved the way for the production of famous cheeses all over the world. Some of them are feta, ricotta, Roquefort, and Pecorina Romano. Aside from this, sheep’s milk is also found in ice cream, butter, and yogurt.

Although sheep isn’t much of a staple livelihood option for other countries unlike pigs, chickens, and cows, there are a lot of things you can obtain from its care. If you have a vast space of vegetation or grasslands viable for their produce, you can invest in a few sheep at a time.

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