On Your Big Day: Pointers for Keeping Your Guests from Leaving Your Wedding Reception


Every couple dreams of a festive wedding reception where everyone is willing to party and have some fun with the newlyweds. Sadly, that is not always the case. It always happens; guests will leave the reception just after dining, while others will just spend a little time before finally leaving without eating anything. Sometimes, it’s not your fault. However, there are some cases where couples could have done better. And it all lies in your entertainment and party planning.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks that will make your wedding guests stay. These measures can be easily done through your careful anticipation of your guests’ behavior. It would also be wise to coordinate properly with your wedding planners and have them carry out the plans that you have in mind. Similarly, you can ask them for some pieces of advice. Nevertheless, here are some of the things that may help you:

Keep the program short

Sometimes, guests are willing to finish the celebration. But if your program is already taking too long, you can only expect that your guests will leave sooner than you would want. With this in mind, you have to make sure that the program is short, thus making more room for the parties and festivities ahead. You may want to keep your speeches short and ask the Best Man and the Maid of Honor to the same.

Offer a variety of entertainment spots

You are not supposed to have just an entertaining program or two. Keep in mind that guests have various interests, and they will just leave if they do not find anything fun. You have the essentials, such as the wedding band and singers. But you may also want to have a photobooth for groups, a mobile bar for those who want to drink, and a dance floor for those who want to dance and show off their moves. You may need to hire a wedding DJ from Tampa for this one.

Give them a surprise

Sometimes, a big surprise is just what it takes to keep the guests from leaving. You can have some funny and unexpected games where your guests can participate, but if you have the budget, why not level it up? For one, you can give away a brand new smartphone or a tablet computer, and that the guests can only take it home if they stay until the end of the event.

Make sure that your venue has a haven

Understand that not all guests like to party and are into loud festivities. When they feel that they are trapped in this type of situation, they will just choose to leave. But you can give them a nice option. For one, you must pick a venue that has quiet spots, such as a terrace, a small garden, or a private room where your guests can recharge.

No couple would want to see their wedding reception come to an end sooner than they have expected. But you have to anticipate this type of behavior and come up with simple yet effective plans. You will need to come up with a very interesting program and work with a group of talented entertainers to up the party vibe. Other than these things, you need to make sure that the other aspects of your celebration are of high quality, such as food, drinks, and the venue design.

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