Getting Married amid the Pandemic: Tactics to Avoid Preparation Stress


Planning the wedding of your dreams may seem impossible now that the world is facing the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Thinking about your special day may only bring fear and anxiety instead of fun, joy, and excitement. This is natural because even simple gatherings may bring a threat to everyone’s health and safety. No wonder many couples wonder if moving the day of their wedding will be the best solution for now. Indeed, postponing your wedding plans may seem practical.

However, you need to understand that nothing can be determined because of the coronavirus situation. If you want to push through with your wedding plans, you need to make some adjustments. This means you can still plan your dream wedding, but you need to compromise many things.

Dealing with Wedding Planning Challenges

Wedding planning without the pandemic is already stressful, especially if you don’t receive assistance from professionals. Doing everything on your own will practically drain your energy. With the coronavirus pandemic, finalizing wedding plans will be more complicated. Thus, if you want to keep your sanity, it would be best to hire experts as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid experiencing major problems in the midst of all your wedding preparations.

Keep in mind that the pandemic has also brought changes in the wedding industry. Lots of vendors and suppliers suffered the negative effects of the situation. Some wedding-related businesses even closed down permanently. However, some stayed resilient, and those who made sure their business can still provide excellent services to couples planning to have a wedding. Thus, if you want to get help in planning your special day, you need to contact these suppliers. Also, you can perform the following activities to help you plan a wedding amid the pandemic:

  • Build a wedding team that knows how to follow strict health protocols—Start by finalizing your wedding team, which includes vendors and suppliers. Don’t forget to hire a wedding planner before anything else. Ensure that their team is trained to host weddings amid the coronavirus pandemic. With this, you can rest assured that they won’t cause trouble during the special day. Also, you can expect wedding preparations to be less hassle because you will be working with experts.
  • Plan an intimate wedding rather than an extravagant one—Do away with the thought of having a big celebration for now. Keep in mind that mass gatherings are still dangerous. Thus, limit your guests and go for an intimate wedding instead. Look for a romantic venue for your wedding in Canterbury and invite a few guests to witness your special day. Make sure all the important people in your life can attend the wedding. This includes your parents, siblings, and your closest friends.


  • Consider having a virtual wedding celebration—Instead of inviting everyone to join you on your special day, give them the option to celebrate with you virtually. You can live stream your event so people who can’t personally make it to your special day can still celebrate with you.
  • Don’t fuss over small, unimportant details—Avoid stressing over all the details about your wedding. Focus more on how you and your partner can pull off your plan despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. Consult your wedding experts so you can rest assured that everything will be well taken care of. Also, avoid proceeding with your plans if it will only bring huge problems during the wedding. Remember, you are facing a pandemic, so expect that not everything you planned may be accomplished.
  • Focus more on your married life rather than the wedding—Enjoy the process of planning the wedding amid the pandemic. Treat it as a challenge that you need to overcome as a couple. This way, you can focus more on having fun while planning your special day. Also, make sure you think more about life after the wedding instead of stressing over a one-time event.

Some couples still doubt whether it’s practical to proceed with their wedding plans because of the situation. However, you need to look at the positive side and remember that many people get vaccinated every day. After a couple of months, the situation about the coronavirus pandemic is expected to improve.

Thus, you don’t have to keep worrying about the dangers that your wedding may bring to you and other people. The key is to follow health protocols and prioritize everyone’s health and safety above all else. Also, avoid trying to push through with wedding plans that may only harm you and your loved ones. It’s still best to plan your special day thinking that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy.

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