Essential Items Your Camping Survival Kit Should Have


Camping, along with other highly adventurous outdoor activities, offers so much fun and exciting challenges, but not without risks. Being out in the wilderness can get you in tight situations where your only choice is to rely on whatever you have for survival. This includes water, food, flashlight (with extra batteries), first aid kit — all the basic necessities you should take with you on a camp.

But your survival kit shouldn’t only consist of the aforementioned. Better be safe than sorry, so make sure to have a tinder, fire starters, tracker, and high-quality paracord bracelet kits. Find out what you should have in your camping survival kit.

The Basics

Of course, you’ve already got your tent, sleeping bags, blankets, water, food, and a flashlight. But do you practice the habit of bringing a first-aid kit?

Even if you’re an experienced camper who has never had any accidents yet, don’t underestimate the advantage of having a first-aid kit. You can gather the supplies for it yourself, or buy the ready-made ones. Some of the basic items available in all first-aid kits are bandages, gauzes, tissues, and gloves.

To be more prepared in cases of severe injuries and/or illnesses, add medicines, antiseptic, and even sewing needles and cords. Use the smallest sized kit possible that can fit all of these items, so that you won’t have a hard time carrying it during the camp.

As for your water, it would be wise to bring water purification tablets, even if you’ve got a sufficient supply of clean water. These tablets will save you should you run out of clean water due to an unforeseen circumstance. Simply drop the tablet into the water you’ve collected, wait 30-40 minutes, and it would become safe for drinking for 4-5 hours.


Advanced Tools

The shelter is an extremely important part of camping. You have your tent, of course, but during unanticipated harsh weather, it may not be enough.

To be able to build a sturdy shelter from scratch, include a rope or cordage in your survival kit. Paracord, in particular, is a highly useful and versatile tool that can ensure your survival during a camp. It’s commonly worn as a bracelet, so bringing one is hassle-free!

If you need emergency shelter, simply unweave your paracord bracelet, and use it to tie branches together. Paracord can be knotted in different ways; make sure to familiarize yourself with those, so you can tie them with ease.

Apart from making a shelter, paracord can also be used as a first-aid treatment for severe injuries. If you or your companion gets a deep cut, pull the outer threads of the paracord to expose the inner threads, which are the ones you can use as a suture.

You can also create a makeshift stretcher using this tool. In case of you or your companion becoming temporarily disabled in the middle of the camp, a makeshift stretcher from a paracord can help in mobilization until you reach medical assistance.

To keep yourself warm, don’t forget your lighter, matches, and other kindling tools. You can make a fire with a tin can, vaseline, and cotton balls or a tinder. Simply put the cotton balls or tinder and some vaseline in the tin can, ignite with a match or lighter, and you now have a campfire that will last through the night.

Your other advanced tools would be a fishing line (even dental floss will do) and a pocket knife. Both will be helpful in case you need to go fishing for food. And the dental floss, of course, can be used for your oral hygiene as well.

With all of these tools in your camping survival kit, you’d be sufficiently equipped in case of an emergency. While we all don’t want that to happen, it’s still better to prepare for it than face the worst.

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