Does Your Puppy Need to Go to a Training School?

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Going to puppy school was not seen as essential when bringing a new puppy into the family. However, recent studies show that early training and socialization during the crucial imprinting stage of puppies is vital to their development, as this is the time when puppies are more open to learning new things. There are many puppy training schools in Jacksonville, FL to choose from, but make sure that you find one that is reputable.

Is a Puppy Preschool the Same as an Obedience School?

Puppy preschool is not the same as obedience class. Puppy school is designed to correctly set the foundation for your puppy’s future life, whereas obedience classes are meant for dogs over six months old. They are also more focused on ongoing training of obedience commands and are generally conducted in a group setting.

Early socialization is vital during the imprinting stage, as this is the time when bad habits can still be easily rectified. This is the best time to correct potential issues in your puppy’s developmental age before they become difficult to correct. It might seem cute now to have a puppy labrador jumping on people as a form of greeting, but it won’t be so cute anymore when he’s bigger.

When Is the Right Time for Puppy School?

Most puppy owners are convinced that their dogs can’t attend a puppy school until they get vaccinated. This, of course, is a common misconception among fur parents. Reputable puppy schools conduct their training in a safe, clean, and controlled environment, which helps minimize the risks to your puppy’s health.

The Advantages of Puppy Preschool

Dog bitting the leather leashPuppies can learn different types of play and posturing when they are allowed to interact and socialize with other dogs at an early age. This will also teach them a doggie language that can help them effectively communicate with other dogs until adolescence and adulthood.

Good puppy training schools are supervised by professional trainers who are experts in early canine behavior. They will only use positive reinforcement by rewarding and encouraging the right actions with treats, praise, or games and will not resort to bullying or intimidation to get your puppies to submit. In a puppy school, your puppy will:

  • Learn how to control and manage their biting
  • Learn to calm down
  • Get used to being touched and held

Obedience Training You Can Do at Home

While at a puppy school, you can also start teaching your dogs some basic obedience commands at home. Here are some at-home training tips:

  • A puppy’s attention span won’t last very long, so be short and sweet.
  • Be consistent with what and how you practice the obedience commands.
  • Praise or reward your puppy accordingly.
  • You want to teach your dog to respond to you in any situation or environment, so don’t limit your training to just one area.

A puppy school is essential to the behavioral development of puppies. However, anyone attempting to train puppies who are not experts can do more harm than good. So when looking for a puppy school, make sure that all the trainers are adequately trained in early canine behavior.

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