Be Daring and Bold: How to Use Colors and Patterns in Clothing

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Fashion has long been considered essential on the catwalk and in business, but many women are still apprehensive about making fashionable choices for work. Often, many women prefer dark colors and accessories to blend in with the business crowd. Bold colors and designs are often seen as too feminine, bright and unsuitable for business. Moreover, some women think that a bold yet professional look requires a substantial financial investment.

However, many designers are exploring color, form and design for women in business. Both established and up-and-coming designers offer office fashion design for women online and in their boutiques, but designers use websites to showcase the latest pieces for a larger audience. They often include classic pantsuits to a redefinition of the A-line skirt. 

With the right pieces, you can stand out positively with your bold look and still look professional and feminine. Here are tactics that will prove essential when shopping online for the pieces that will transform your office look into a bold and stunning one.

Stick To One Color Family

Try sticking to one color family for a base color. For instance, you can opt for maroon and red rather than yellow and maroon. Some people prefer this color blocking technique to create a harmonious look, but this is tricky to pull off. Aside from using only one color family for the bold colors, pick complementary neutrals and dark shades. These will highlight the bold ones and make you look striking yet not over-the-top.

Don’t Be Scared of Denim

One of the most versatile fabrics for your wardrobe is denim. This goes with almost anything and looks exceptional when paired with bold colors. The denim will offset the bright colors and exude a casual look. You might assume denim is too casual for some occasions. But a structured denim jacket in a darker shade can be used during formal occasions. Make sure that the cut conforms to a classic or traditional cut, so the texture of the denim becomes an accent.

Experiment with Patterns

You need not limit yourself to one bold color to stand out. You can also have a bold look with a patterned dress. The patterns in the outfit can give you a unique appearance and results in a bold, artistic statement. Other than sticking to one pattern for your dress or matching top and bottom patterns, you can have one patterned piece and a solid colored piece to match one main color on the patterned piece.

Pick Bright Accessories

Two women looking at clothes

A bold look goes beyond your clothing. You should also use accessories that complement your outfit. Accessories like shoes, belts and earrings for an all-round look. Furthermore, these bright accessories can be used with neutral outfits to add some color to your look.

With the above ideas, you can now go on and rock a bold look without worrying about looking bland or loud. You should make sure to choose colors that are complementary to your skin tone and cuts that accentuate your body’s curves. You don’t need to worry about looking too provocative or too dull when it comes to your wardrobe. There are ways to make color work for you.

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