A Healthier Home: What You Need to Do


People want to be as healthy as they can be. A popular way to stay healthy is to focus on following a diet and having an exercise regimen. But this is not enough to be healthy. Other factors can affect your health, and one of them is the surrounding environment. This is very important when it comes to your home. If you live in an unhealthy place, then you will suffer for it. You might not even know your home is affecting you negatively. Here are some things you should do to ensure that your home is healthy:

Keep It Clean

If there is anything that you should do to make your home healthy for yourself, it is to do some cleaning. A dirty home can become a breeding ground for germs and diseases. You need to clean your home regularly so that you and your family can be at full health. There is a lot of dirt around your house, and a proper cleaning schedule can do wonders for your health.

One major problem that you will face is dust. Dust might seem harmless, but it attracts something worse: dust mites. These microscopic creatures are a significant problem since they live in hard-to-reach areas and leave waste that can cause allergies in people. Get rid of them by regularly vacuuming. This eliminates all of their food and scoops them up along with the waste. You should also wash up sheets and towels, which are their perfect hiding places.

Another issue to deal with is mold. Mold comes from letting moisture build up. You should do your best to lower moisture levels in the air. If mildew does appear, clean it as quickly as possible. It grows fast, so a small patch can become a large one in a matter of days.

Get Rid Of The Pests

Another issue that can cause you health problems at home is pests. Everything from cockroaches to rats can be living in your home, and you don’t even know it. Depending on where you are, there are various ways you can handle the presence of pests. For major infestations, you have no choice but to call professional pest control services. But you shouldn’t be letting the situation get that bad. With the right approach, you can ensure that pests won’t get the better of your home.

For one, you have to remember that many of the pests in your home come from the outside. Prevent them from taking residence by implementing simple preventative measures. You should seal the gaps in the house’s exterior while also installing screens and other additions. Don’t assume that you know all the potential entrances into your home. Check the attic and basement for possible cracks and holes. If you find them, plug them up with copper mesh and foam sealant. This can be very effective for even the smallest spaces.

You can also prevent infestations with the use of natural repellents. If you don’t want to see ants all over your home, then you can use vinegar and water to erase the scent trails they use to find your way into your house. Other pests find the smell of used coffee grounds horrible, so you can use them to protect your home. Finally, if you have to use pesticides, choose gels and baits so that you won’t poison yourself and your family. Use them in small amounts, too.

modern interior designEliminate Toxic Substances

It can be surprising at how many toxic substances there are in the modern home. Many people use toxic chemicals when they are cleaning. They produce toxic fumes that are not good for you and your family. It is better if you use natural cleaning materials. It might surprise you at how effective a simple mix of baking soda and lemon juice can be. If you want a more commercial approach, you should look at the labels on your cleaning supplies.

A danger that people don’t often know about is radon. One out of 15 homes has this dangerous radioactive gas present. You should test your home for it with a simple meter. As one of the leading causes of lung cancer in nonsmokers, you don’t want to be quietly poisoned in your own home. If radon levels are high, then you should hire a radon-mitigation contractor to build a venting system for your house.

Keeping your family healthy begins at home. Start taking the right steps to prevent these dangers from negatively affecting the health of your loved ones.

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