4 Signs You Need Knee Surgery

Person holding their knees

Your knees are always at work, regardless of whether you are playing softball or walking across the street. Knees are a crucial part of your body because they aid in moving the lower and upper part of your leg. Physicians suggest that the knees are among the most vulnerable parts of your body. Also, knee surgeries and injuries are the top-most causes of adult visiting a general physician. Knee problems make your life unbearable.

Studies indicate that more than 500,000 locals have undergone total knee replacement surgery in the past year. Unfortunately, the number is expected to increase in the coming years because people wait for so long to see a physician for knee treatment. Like several other conditions, the sooner you identify a problem with your knee, the better the treatment. Therefore, you need to know the obvious clues that you need knee surgery.

Severe knee pain

Sometimes it is challenging to quantify pain because no one else, not even the physician, can understand what you are feeling. However, one of the telltale signs that you are a candidate for knee surgery is severe knee pain that limits your daily activities. You are likely to experience pain for a couple of days when you sustain knee injuries. However, constant discomfort and chronic pain should be a warning that something is not right. You might have to see a general physician doctor in Clive, Iowa if you must routinely use pain killers to get through the day due to knee injuries.

Reduced range of motion

Your knee is a joint, which ought to bend to aid in your mobility. Most people take the ability to walk for granted. However, when you have knee problems, walking can become a nightmare. You are probably due for knee surgery if you experience a decreased range of motion. If simple activities such as walking to the grocery store, mailbox, or shop seem like a tedious task, you need to visit your physician. You may start walking with a limp over time if the issue is not addressed.

Stiffness and aching

People experience stiffness and pain as they age. However, if you become stiff after sitting for an extended period or aches during your regular exercises, it is an indication of reduced quality of life. You start to notice pain or instability in climbing stairs, lifting objects, walking, or squatting, and then trying to get back into the upright position. That is a sign that your knee is failing and you need knee surgery.

Failed physical therapy

Man undergoing knee therapy

Most physicians will first recommend physical therapy before knee surgery. Physical therapy works for some people, but not for all. Therefore, if physical therapy has not worked for you, it is time you considered knee surgery to ease the pain and aid in your mobility.

You need to visit your physician as soon as you notice these warning signs. You may need knee surgery before the condition moves from bad to worse. Physicians advise people who realize these signs to avoid delaying.

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