How you can overcome Dentophobia

woman afraid of dentist's tools

It is estimated about 60% of people are afraid of the dentist to some degree. This can further be analysed to show that between 5% to 8% of people have a dental phobia, resulting in them avoiding the dentist at all costs, sometimes meaning that they are living with debilitating issues and potentially shortening their lives by having poor oral health.

There are many reasons for people to have a fear of the dentists, the common ones being a fear of pain, the sound of the drill or the smell of chemicals in the room.

A caring dentist in Mackay will do all they can to assist people to work through their fears, and recognise that the problem will not go away by simply ignoring the issue. By providing plenty of resources and supportive, friendly advice is the first step in helping individuals overcome their own, unique fears at their own pace.

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room

So in light of this modern approach to understanding patient fear and hesitation to visit the dentist, another factor that causes people to postpone frequent check ups or even to delay seeing to pain early is the cost of the dentist.

It is good to know that dental clinics recognise this and are doing all they can to alleviate some of the concerns surrounding payment.

There are a range of payment plans available for people who would otherwise find it difficult to have necessary treatment done. It also allows patients a greater freedom of choice when it comes to what treatments they would like to have for themselves and their families; they are not burdened with limited choices simply because they don’t have enough saved away in time.

What are some of the payment plan options available?

woman having her teeth treated

A DentiCare payment plan offers interest free financing options, a wonderful way to support patients in affording a procedure whilst still being able to keep on top of the bills.

The process is quick and easy and it doesn’t need any detailed credit checks. It is simply a way to allow patients to achieve their own treatment goals without having to compromise at the time.

There are terms and conditions that need to be adhered to and an initial loan setup fee may be applicable. Do talk to a friendly member of staff for more information on this.

Health funds are routinely accepted, and it doesn’t matter if a patient has private insurance or not, no person is discriminated against. Every treatment is done thoroughly with ultimate care from dentists with years of experience.

For eligible children between the ages of 2 and 17, dental care can be covered to a value of up to $1000 over a two year consecutive period thanks to the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule.

There are many different ways that a dentist can help a patient cover the costs of necessary and cosmetic treatments. Information can be provided by a helpful receptionist simply upon request.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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