Why Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast

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We’ve heard it said from childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, few of us actually take the time and effort to sit down and have a filling breakfast. In fact, we probably consume more during dinner, when the reverse should be true.

One major reason for this is the increased busyness in our lives today. With our days filled with work and activities, coupled with the fact that a good breakfast means sacrificing some extra sleep, many find it easier simply to breeze through — or even skip — breakfast.

However, not eating a proper breakfast has been shown to negatively impact physical and mental functions, as well as long-term health. For business owners, this can be particularly costly, as you would want your employees capable of performing at their best.

Because of this, breakfast catering services are becoming increasingly popular, especially in big cities like Melbourne, Australia. Like any other meal delivery service, you can get a variety of healthy breakfast options delivered to your office for your employees to avail of. Thus, you and your people will not have to worry about rushing through breakfast to avoid being late. Instead, you might even be encouraged to report to the office early so that you will be able to enjoy an energizing breakfast to start your workday right.

Here are some benefits you can get from having a healthy breakfast every day:

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1. Get yourself in a good mood.

The negative effect hunger has on people’s moods is so noticeable that a word has been coined to describe it: “hangry” (a portmanteau of “hungry” and “angry”), which speaks for itself. It is difficult to be in a good mood when your body is craving for nutrition, which is exactly what happens if you skip having a proper breakfast.

As you sleep, your body continues to work and thus still uses energy. Hence, when you wake up, your body will be looking to replenish that energy, which is what eating breakfast accomplishes. By having a nutritious breakfast, your mind and body will be satisfied, thus allowing you to completely focus on the day ahead, without having to keep thinking about your next meal.

2. Improve your daily performance.

The main reason we eat is to provide our bodies with the energy necessary to get us through the day. Hence, it is always good to start the day with a full tank of energy, which is what eating a good breakfast does for you. Without a healthy breakfast, you may find yourself tired or lethargic at various points throughout the day.

With enough energy, your body and mind are able to perform at their very best. Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast improves memory and focus. Given how important these are in everyday activities, as well as for long term health, it is always good to make sure your body gets the nutrition it needs right from the start.

3. Develop healthy eating habits.

Given the benefits that eating a good breakfast is able to provide our bodies, it is important that we do this regularly. Once we do, we are able to make eating healthy a daily habit, which in turn will improve other aspects of our health, from our weight to our skin quality. This will allow us to look and feel much better every day, thus only encouraging us to keep the habit going. However, all of this has to start from a simple action, namely, to not forego the healthiest and most important meal of the day.

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