What Not to Believe About Assisted Living

Portrait of happy female caregiver and senior woman walking together at home

As a son or daughter of an elderly parent, you most definitely want the best for your parents. Besides, they did their best to raise you well and worked really hard to make sure that they will be able to give you everything that you need.

You definitely would love to care for your elderly parents, but you most likely are busy with work and as much as you want to devote all your time to caring for them, you just cannot do it. Because of this, you tend to go for the next best thing — assisted living. There are lots of benefits to it, but you might’ve heard about a couple of misconceptions about it. Below, we will talk about the most common misconceptions about the retirement community in Ogden that you should not believe.

Your Parents Will Lose Their Independence

The first thing that people think about assisted living is that patients or residents lose their independence when they decide to live in a senior home. This is definitely not true, as most assisted living facilities allow their residents to do whatever they desire. They usually have activities scheduled for the residents, which are usually catered to their hobbies and needs. So, no, living in an assisted community will not make your loved ones lose their independence, in fact, they will most likely feel a lot more energized and happy when they are in one!

Assisted Communities are Very Expensive

Assisted living communities might cost you a bit of money, but they are definitely not expensive. You can find an assisted community that does not charge a lot and are more dedicated to caring for their patients. Also, if you have long-term care insurance or your loved one is a veteran, then the costs will most definitely be a lot less than what you are expecting. Ask the facility about their benefits and discounts and which ones you can take advantage of to bring the costs down.

Your Parents Cannot Stay in One if They’re Completely Healthy

There’s this common misconception that only unwell and unhealthy elderly people can stay at assisted communities. This is definitely not true, as every senior citizen is welcome to live in an assisted community. In fact, assisted communities are meant to care for people who need minimal medical care. If your parents need a little bit of TLC, but you can’t fully commit to taking care of them 24/7, then it would be best for them to live in an assisted community so they’d be able to mingle with the people within their age range.

You Won’t Be Able to Visit Them

Elderly woman and caregiver holding a cup of tea

This is, in fact, very much untrue. You definitely can visit your parents at an assisted living community, as long as you have enough time for them. It is important to take some time off every once in a while so you can visit your loved ones at their current residence. They will most likely develop a good relationship with the other residents and even with the nurses, but of course, they will still miss their family. Make it a point to visit them every once in a while to make them feel that they are loved and cared for.

Assisted living communities can have quite a bad reputation, especially since most people think of it as very restrictive. They also think that being in one is quite lonesome, but really, the truth is that this is the opposite. Try making your parents live in one for a little while and see if they will like the environment.

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