How to Tell Your Doctor You’re Not Ready to Return to Work

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If you encounter an accident at work, it is proper protocol that you will be given time to recover before you are asked to return. Every supplemental insurance company policy has this feature so that you will have enough time to heal from your injuries.

The person who decides if it is time for you to go back to work is your doctor. Your doctor will monitor your progress and advise you to return once they see that you have recovered. But what if you do not agree with your doctor’s diagnosis? What if you still feel pain whenever you try to put all of your weight on your leg that was broken? What do you do now?

Working with your doctor

If you think that your injury is not fully healed yet and that you are still not ready to go back to work, you need to talk to your doctor. Your doctor’s word is what lets you receive your temporary total disability benefits.

So, you need to convince your doctor that you are not yet 100% able. It will not be that easy, however. The first thing you should do is to assess your relationship with your doctor. You need to know how much your doctor trusts you.

You also need to understand that though your assessment of your injury is accurate and you truly feel you are not ready to work, your doctor might have a different perspective. Your doctor may have encountered other patients with the same story, but different agenda, which is to sponge off their disability benefits.

Your doctor is also trying to protect the integrity of their practice. That is why they do not want patients lying about the extent of their injuries just to take advantage of their disability benefits. So, if you want to convince your doctor that you are telling the truth, you need to know how much your doctor trusts you.

Building trust

Man talking to his doctor

If, from the very beginning of your relationship, you are certain that you never tried to scam your doctor, then perhaps they might be open to the idea of letting you take a few more days or weeks to rest. What you can do is to tell your doctor that you will use the additional weeks of resting to speed up your recovery.

If you are undergoing therapy for your injuries, for example, let your doctor know that you have been attending your sessions consistently. If you will be granted a few more weeks to rest, say that you will continue your therapy sessions. This way, your doctor will see that you are totally dedicated to recuperating.

Also, if you will be given a chance to extend your rest period, talk to your doctor about figuring out a specific deadline wherein you will be fit to go back to work. Let them know that if by that time you will still feel pain, it will no longer deter you from returning to work. You just really need a few more weeks to rest because the pain or discomfort is still too much for you to handle right now.

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