Why Improving Your Posture Matters Now

Bad posture

Having a bad posture seems inevitable, considering today’s lifestyle. At work, you are slouched over the computer desk for hours. On your way home, you carry a heavy bag as you hustle with the other commuters. When you think you’re finally relaxing at home, watching your favorite Netflix show on your tablet, you are actually straining your neck and spine.

Your posture can affect the way people view you. When you communicate with others, you are not merely speaking through words, your body speaks a language of its own. In the psychology of posture, leaning your upper body forward while bowing your head is associated with dejection. On the other hand, having your shoulders pushed backward and chest pressed forward is linked to confidence and optimism. At the same time, your posture influences the way you view yourself.

Understandably, the way your body is positioned is the least of your worries when you are chasing your deadline for the day. However, other than the way posture generates people’s impressions of you, your bad posture can seriously affect your health. From joint pain to digestive problems, these problems can hinder you from being productive at home and at work. Addressing them can range from availing insoles for your flat feet to acquiring constant physical therapy.

Here is a list of reasons why you should take care of your body, and why it matters to be mindful of your posture:

1. Bad posture can reduce your lung capacity.

Slouching hampers your lungs from doing their job. When you are crouched over your desk, your lungs get little to no space. This leads to less energy, shortness of breath, and murky memory. What you can do is have a 5-minute rest from your desk to walk around. Roll your shoulders backward to aid your chest in giving your lungs the room to breathe.

2. Bad posture can give you a permanent spinal problem.

If you’ve been a sloucher since you were young, there is a high chance of you having Dowager’s hump or postural kyphosis— the forward curvature of the spine. In turn, it can lead to vertebral fractures. No amount of exercise or yoga can take care of the spinal problem. The best course is to do something about your posture before it worsens before your back pain leads to a spinal problem.

3. Bad posture can cause physical and mental stress.

Having a bad posture disturbs your body’s natural alignment. Because of this, you are causing physical stress on your body. This is the reason why you feel the sudden soreness as you stay too long in your position. According to a study, your mood is affected by the way your muscle is arranged. The easiest way to lift your mood is to sit straight. Try stretching from your position every twenty minutes. Moving from your position can lessen the chances of you obtaining bad posture.

4. Bad posture can increase the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

Back pain because of bad posture

As you know, your manner of sitting and standing can put a strain on your spine and ribcage—the space where your heart is located. Straining the area can hinder your heart from working effectively, making you vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. It limits your heart’s functions, which in turn, can affect your overall physical wellness.

Your posture may appear like a small problem, but in reality, it can gravely affect your health in the future. It’s best to start taking care of yourself now.

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