Why Does a Person’s Body Change As They Grow Old?

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A person goes through several changes as they grow old, especially when it comes to how their body looks. Although there are certain factors that you can’t control, there are undoubtedly other factors that you can.

One way to start your journey to staying fit is understanding how your body works. But how does it work?

Fat and how it accumulates

A person’s entire body weight changes based on the number of calories that a person consumes compared with how many they burn. If you consume more than you can burn, you’ll surely gain weight over time. It’s your body’s way of storing energy instead of using it to fuel your muscle. Once that happens, your body weight proportion changes as your fat increases.

However, it’s only the proportion of the fat that changes as you grow old — the location where the fats accumulate changes, too.

When it comes to women, the slow progression of estrogen levels coincides with a change of fat storage in their body. The fat storage changes from the lower part of their body and goes toward their midsection. Experts say subcutaneous fat, as well as visceral adipose tissue, makes up the fat found in their belly. But it doesn’t happen to women alone.

Male testosterone level decreases by at least 1 percent every year once he reaches the age of 30. Although it may seem little, this slight drop can already cause a man’s belly to become soft. Even more, it can also add a layer of fat over their bellies as well.

As a person accumulates more fat, it’ll soon affect more than the way his body looks. The decline in their testosterone level also increases the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, as well as heart disease.

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Staying fit as you get old

There are several ways to help you stay in shape and maintain your looks. Aside from going to a CoolSculpting clinic in Singapore, pairing it up with the right diet and exercise can work, too.

One secret to staying young can be as easy as walking. Experts say that 10,000 steps a day can do wonders, especially when it comes to protecting yourself from any heart-related diseases.

You can also do a few squats now and then to keep your body healthy. Doing this kind of exercise can also strengthen your bones by increasing its density. Doing a few exercises every day for at least 20 minutes can do wonders, especially if you want to live longer.

Lastly, ensure that you eat healthy meals that are rich in nutrients to keep yourself in shape. Also, don’t forget to include foods that are rich in omega-three fatty acids to protect your brain’s health.

These are only a few of the things that you can do to stay healthy while keeping your body in shape. You can always visit a dietitian or nutritionist to know of other ways to help maintain your healthy weight. If you can, also get in touch with a personal trainer who can guide you on fitness.

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