Which Cities to Go for a Gap Year?

Melbourne city

A gap year provides students with time to breathe and learn more about themselves before starting university studies. Some already have a general idea of who they are and what they want to be as soon as they finish their A levels. However, for some it is not the case; they need to take a break before deciding on a career path.

Some cities are better than others when it comes to going abroad for a gap year, whether you are on vacation or looking for work. Here are places to consider when you decide to go on a yearlong sabbatical.


This cosmopolitan city is a popular destination for a gap year because of the many things to do and a distinct culture. It is an ideal stop because it provides working visas for those under 30. It is a livable metropolis that offers opportunities for those who are just traveling but want to make money and for those hoping to find a career path. Work in a bar, as an au pair or any other job that is available. It is easy to make friends in this vibrant city because of the large number of ex-pats and backpackers.


Southeast Asia may be a cliché destination, but it is still worth going, especially if you want to look for work. Bangkok is a popular stop for all sorts of travellers; the city has an interesting mix of old and new, sleaze and wholesome fun, floating markets and shopping malls, and everything in between. If you are looking for gap year jobs in Thailand, visit Bangkok. It has many opportunities for English tutors, teachers and teacher assistants, along with work in hostels and bars, or as tour organisers just to name a few things.


Auckland cityscape, North Island, New Zealand
For gap year students who want to have the great outdoors nearby, consider Auckland, New Zealand. This city has everything you need plus spectacular views that are just a few hours away. You will have plenty of opportunities to work, learn more about your interests, make new friends and travel. Go canyoning, try Skyjump, go surfing and other adrenaline-pumping activities over the weekends or holidays.


Vietnam is an overall affordable country with plenty to see and do, a distinct culture and history, and delicious cuisine. Hanoi is an ideal stop for your gap year, because of its nearness to natural wonders such as Halong Bay, Sa Pa, and Trang An, and opportunities for work. English teaching jobs are plenty in this city with eager students who want to learn the language. The low cost of living allows you to save money for your next destination.


Berlin is a big party city that appeals to many students and young adults. Other than the nightlife, this vibrant metropolis is progressive and dynamic with plenty of job opportunities for those on a gap year. Use this city as a base to explore other towns and cities in Germany or Europe.

These are just a handful of gap year cities to consider working in and exploring. These bustling metropolises provide opportunities to grow, discover new things and understand what you want.

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