Ingenious Ways of Incorporating Barn Wood into Your Interiors

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Nowadays, eco-friendliness and interior design are the buzzwords for property owners. In most cases, getting something that is both eco-friendly and works for an exceptional interior design look is almost impossible. Luckily, there is a way you can have both in your property. This is through the use of barn wood. Barn wood is reclaimed wood from old barns. It is quite inexpensive since barn owners sell it a low price instead of trashing it.

Rustic barnwood flooring is the most popular interior design product from reclaimed barn wood. It comes in planks of varying lengths that can be laid in different ways to generate interesting designs. Narrow floor planks have a more traditional feel that pairs with Edwardian and Victorian design elements. Large ones match a modern look and complement burnished metal fixtures and exposed brick walls. Even so, the use of barn wood in construction goes beyond flooring. Here are some ingenious ideas of using it in your interiors.

Accent Walls

A room with all walls looking the same will look dull. You can have an accent wall that stands out from the rest and generates some design interest. The best choice for this wall is barn wood. This will complement your rustic look and negate the need for the use of a lot of design elements to boost the look of your wall. The colors and grains of barn wood will significantly vary.  Your choice should be based on the color scheme of your room to generate cohesion.

Home Office Desks

More people are running home-based businesses with the increasing costs of rented office space. For your home office, you can opt for barn wood for the desk.  A home office desk made of barn wood generates a curated and rustic look. Moreover, the desk can be made with several ergonomic features that give your office a distinct style that still looks professional and boosts your productivity.


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Shelves made of barn wood might be your best choices for showcasing your books and artwork. These, unlike shelves made of other materials, will let the items displayed on them become the focal points.  Surprisingly, barn wood shelves look as much a part of modern interior designs as they do in rustic and industrial settings. Pair these with a cozy barn wood bench for a harmonized look.


You can also use barn wood for your ceilings to generate a rustic look instead of choosing exposed ceiling elements.  When used for ceilings, the barn wood will create a cabin look that will complement a laid-back and homely feel. You can choose to use the barn wood for your entire ceiling or have it in a specific section then complement it with other ceiling materials.

Some people are not as sure of the use of the barn wood for the above components. They assume that the reclaimed wood might disintegrate and will not hold up as well to the issues they might be exposed to with daily use. Even so, the wood undergoes different treatments to boost its suitability and resilience for use in your interior design.

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