Venue Alternatives for a Memorial Service

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Only a few people plan for the inevitable death. It is, however, an unfortunate eventuality that might leave your loved ones reeling in debt while grieving. The ideal choice to reduce the burden of your passing on your loved ones is a pre-planned funeral. While you might assume that this means a considerable monetary investment you might not afford, remember that the amount you pay depends on the services you pick.

With the right choices, you can pay peanuts for an optimal funeral. One of the inexpensive options for your funeral is cremation by a Clearfield-based funeral home. This costs about 50% less than a traditional burial. Other than cremation, you can opt for non-conventional venues for your memorial service. These are far cheaper compared to the church-based services and allow you to have a personalized service.

Here are some brilliant memorial service location ideas:

On The Water

Your memorial service should not necessarily be on land. You could opt for one on the water, more so if you love spending time on the water. A memorial service on the water involves renting a seaworthy vessel. This need not be a luxury yacht, but anything that fits your budget. During the memorial service, your ashes can be scattered on the water if local regulations allow it.

Alternatively, your loved ones can lay a biodegradable urn on the water to rest beneath the waves. If you love to hold a service on the water but want to avoid the cost of a seaworthy vessel, you can have a beach memorial. A location on or near the water will typically suffice for small groups.

Local Sports Park

This is the ideal choice for sports lovers who also expect a lot of people at their memorial. You can get reasonable rates if you are a volunteer coach, sports enthusiast, or player with this option. Moreover, some teams hold games in honor of the deceased for this option. This can be an excellent option for your loved ones to have fun at your memorial. Golf players can opt for their memorial service on golf courses and clubhouses.

Movie Theater

empty movie theater

This also suffices for those who want to accommodate a large number of people at a memorial service. At a movie theater, you can have a private screening of your life while a few people eulogize you. Alternatively, your loved ones can get together to watch one of your favorite movies.


If you want the attendees of your memorial service to enjoy some outdoors, opt for a garden service. This can be your backyard, a conservatory, a botanical garden, or a local park. The size of the garden will determine how many guests will be accommodated.

Memorial services held in churches and halls are the renowned ones. These generally conjure images of somber moods as people ‘’celebrate’’ your life. The above venue ideas give you a chance to step out of the norm and allow people to have fun while celebrating your life. Moreover, they are far cheaper compared to services in halls and churches and are usually not required to conform to specific regulations.

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