Useful and Smart Clothing Hacks you Should Know

woman choosing between two dresses

Most women (and men, of course) love dressing up and looking dapper, and one of the ways you can do that is by buying the right clothes. Wearing the right clothes makes you feel empowered, strong, and beautiful, which is why you should always stay true to yourself and just wear what you want to wear!

However, there are a couple of things you should remember when it comes to clothing. Today, we will give you a couple of useful and smart hacks when it comes to buying and wearing clothes from women’s clothing boutiques in Missoula.

  1. woman carrying pile of different folded clotheDeclutter.  We are not only saying this because of the sudden popularity of the Marie Kondo method. Decluttering is very important and should be done every once in a while to keep your closet clean and organized. Get rid of pieces that you do not use anymore and donate them to charity instead!
  2. Plan Ahead. If you have a big event coming up, make sure to plan and know what you want to wear. You should determine every piece from head to toe, so you would know where to look and what to look for when it’s finally time to go shopping.
  3. Avoid Getting Calluses. One of the best ways to avoid getting calluses is by putting your shoes in the freezer. Yes, you’ve read that right. Grab a couple of freezer bags, fill them with water, put them in your brand new shoes, and put them in the freezer overnight. This will expand your shoes and won’t give you calluses once you decide to wear them for the first time!
  4. Mind the Shoulders. The best way to find a jacket that will perfectly fit you is by taking a look at the shoulder pads. If it is too wide or too tight on the shoulders, then find another piece. Your tailor would not be able to repair this nicely, no matter how hard they try.
  5. Buy Smaller Jeans. Jeans tend to expand and stretch just after two washes, so buy a pair that is a tad bit smaller than your actual size. If you want to be sure and you want to get your exact size, then just always have a belt on-hand if ever it expands.
  6. Get Rid of Stains ASAP. Deodorant and makeup stains can be very difficult to remove, so make sure to wash your clothes right away if you notice a stain on them.
  7. Get Lots of Scarves. Scarves can make any outfit look cute, so make sure to stock up on scarves. Not only will these make you feel warm and comfortable, but they can also make your outfit stand out from the crowd!
  8. Find a Tailor to Help you. If you want to have a closet full of clothes that perfectly fit you, then the first thing that you should do is look for a tailor that can properly alter all or most of your clothes.

Clothing and style is a personal thing, but these hacks will save you from any clothing disaster. Always remember these things and you’d never have to worry about your closet looking like a mess ever again!

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