Don’t Panic: 3 Wedding Dress Dilemmas Almost Every Bride Faces

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Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding dress. But the reality is before you get ‘the one,’ you probably would run into some tear-filled dramas, not finding a good fit, not having enough budget, just not knowing if you could beat your wedding date deadline.

There’s no need to go full-on crazy bridezilla, though. The last thing you want is bad vibes weeks before your big day. So, focus instead on what you can do. Here’s a rundown of common wedding dress dilemmas and ways you could bust out of them with grace and poise:

1. “I want a conservative — but not too conservative — dress.”

If you don’t like those high-neck, long-sleeved dresses, you can use lace cover-ups and boleros to keep you covered, but not too covered. Most of these only have buttons or zippers at the back, so you can easily get them off after the church ceremony.

The other variation of this dilemma is, you want to be sexy, but not too sexy in your gown. If you really want to go for V-neck or low-back bridal gowns, Provo fashion experts highly recommend adding accessories.

For instance, in gowns that have plunging necklines, you can use a sheer detachable fabric in the chest area or wear a statement necklace to fill it up. For backless dresses, attach some crisscrossed ballerina laces or put on some sheer capes. You could have the best of both worlds with just a few alterations.

2. “I have a limited budget.”

You want to look expensive and chic and get that designer dress you’ve been dreaming all your adult life, but you simply don’t have that enough money. Nothing more frustrating. But chin up, girl. There are lots of ways to get that designer gown without breaking the bank.

For one, you could go for secondhand dresses. It makes financial sense, not only because you have a limited budget, but because you’re only going to wear it for what, six to eight hours? Look for boutiques that offer secondhand bridal gowns.

Another thing you can do is to wait for blowout sale. Every now and then, stores roll this out, so they could move items. So, take advantage of it. Tell the staff at your favorite boutique store to give you a heads up on their sale.

3. “I don’t have that much time left.”

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This looks like a legit reason to hit the panic button since it usually takes 4–6 months to have the dress made, shipped, and altered, if necessary, but try to keep calm. Boutique shops offer rush services. You can get your gown in a month or two, or even just weeks.

Just note that you could pay a heftier amount than usual. Another option here is to purchase a sample off the rack. You can get this in a day, but you would have to do the necessary ‘prettifying,’ like altering and cleaning.

Of course, there’s the good, old option of renting or borrowing from a loved one. The bottom line here is, you don’t have to get all worked up because of your nearing deadline. You have so many options.

The bridal gown is one of the most crucial elements of the big day. That’s why it’s no surprise that a little problem about it can trigger the inner bridezillas in the calmest and relaxed brides. But again, no need to worry. At the end of the day, you will, for sure, get out of these wedding dress dilemmas in style.

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