The Right Armoires for Your Room

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The bedroom should be the most relaxing room in your house. Unfortunately, many homeowners focus all their décor efforts on the common rooms and are content with shabby bedrooms. While it is essential to have the best look to make guests feel welcome, you should also work to ensure your home works for you. You should thus spare no expense in putting together  exceptional bedroom décor.

One thing to keep in mind as you  buy bedroom furniture i s the storage for your room. A cluttered bedroom only stresses you and may make you want to spend as little time in your bedroom as possible. There are several storage alternatives, but an armoire is the only choice for elevating your bedroom look while getting bountiful storage space. It is comprised of a chest of drawers that generally stands shoulder or chest high. The armoire is a versatile piece of bedroom furniture that can be used in several ways but is often used for jewelry storage in the bedroom. The following are some of the jewelry armoire types that can take your décor and space functionality to another level.

Over-The-Door Armoires

These come with slim large metallic hooks that can be hung over your closet door. Over-the-door armoires are easy to set up and require no drilling of holes in your walls. The armoires are often rectangular and can fit onto any closet door, though some people install them behind their bedroom doors. Many designs for these have full-length mirrors and exude a modern yet simple look that will complement contemporary and modern bedroom styles.

Wall-Mounted Armoires

These are perfect for bedrooms that do not have a lot of floor space for the placement of furniture pieces.  Wall-mounted armoires  frequently come with full-length mirrors and will look perfect for all rooms, especially small ones, since they reflect a lot of light and open the room up. However, you should  ensure that your walls will support the installation of the armoire before buying it. Wall-mounted armoires come in several designs, shapes, and decorative features, fitting a range of bedroom styles.

Free-Standing Armoires

These are simply placed on your floor. The classic free-standing armoire is the ideal choice for those looking for an accent furniture piece for their bedrooms. It typically comes with a mirror, drawers, and side drawers that allow compartmentalizing of your jewelry. It is available in several designs, colors, shapes, and styles to suit all bedrooms. Free-standing armoires also have several sublime features to enhance their beauty and functionality.

Dresser Top Armoires

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These are the smallest among the available jewelry armoires. They are well-suited for those who travel a lot with their jewelry. The dresser top armoire’s height ranges from 20 to 30 inches, and it has compartmentalized drawers, a lid, and side doors. It can be comfortably placed on dressers, vanities, tables, and desks.

Bedroom furniture involves more than a bedside table and a comfortable bed. The above armoires are essential not only for protecting your jewelry from harsh elements but keeping them neatly arranged. Placing one of these in your bedroom keeps your valuables in order while also adding a touch of class to the room itself.

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