Relieving a Child’s Fears During Major Appointments with the Dentist

Child with a dentist

A challenge for many parents is bringing children to the dental clinic and having their appointment in peace. Some kids can be a little too active for their good, and some get scared of what could happen during the visit. It can become a bigger task when your child has to undergo a procedure more complicated than a checkup. Whatever anxiety they may feel with a regular appointment can become greater in this situation. The following are some suggestions on how you can make the experience more pleasant for your child.

Set a Good Example

Children learn how to react and respond to situations from the act of imitating the people around them. For example, if they see you being scared of the dentist while you’re being fitted with ceramic braces in the clinic in West Jordan, then they’ll learn to be scared as well. They’ll get the idea that it’s the right response to such a situation. Encourage them to face their fear and nervousness by showing that you can do it as well.

Focus on the Fun

Sometimes, all that you need to calm your child is a little distraction from the serious situation. Instead of focusing all your attention to the operation that they’ll be undergoing, you can help them by making plans for what they could do before or after it to make them feel better. You could go on a play date, watch a movie, or whatever it is that they would like to look forward to doing. Of course, you should make sure that it doesn’t bring harm to their teeth.

Answer Questions Honestly

For some children, the fact that they don’t know what’s going to happen is what scares them. If they ever ask you any questions about it, it’s because they want to confirm things and get rid of the negative emotion they’re feeling. Don’t be afraid to answer those questions as honestly but as kindly as you can. If it’s something that you’ll need the dentist for, then ask them to wait until you get to the clinic for the information.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Friendly dental clinic

Another reason why some children don’t like going to the dentist is the person’s attitude toward them. They may be a little too serious, or they don’t show respect, or they’re just not that good with kids in general. If it’s the case with you, then you may want to take the time to look for someone who will give your child the dental support that they require. Be there for your kid when you go to the clinic to try out services and see which fits your needs.

A visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be and stay a negative experience for your child or yourself. There are many actions that you can take to make it better for both of you. You just have to take the time for them. Dental health is important for daily life, so it would make sense to reduce the number of roadblocks preventing you from getting it.

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